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Boston Sofa

The Boston is a traditionally styled fabric sofa, boasting front leg castors and luxurious feather seating cushions.

This piece will be lovingly handmade to order by a small family run factory based in North London.

The excellent standards of craftsmanship of this manufacture ensure every piece is suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, bars, show homes and your very own home.

This London factory’s range is backed by 40 years of design and manufacturing experience, and as members of the British Contract Furnishing Association and Qualitas, they will ensure the best in comfort and quality. They insist on only using hardwoods (renewable European beech) for their handmade frames, each of which contains up to 100 strengthening dowels.

The frames are supplied with a 5 year construction guarantee. If full contract use is required, fabrics can be FR’d to Crib 5 standard.

A wide range of fabrics are available to compliment any interior scheme. A customer’s own material service is also available to ensure complete flexibility within your desired colour scheme.

Ask any member of staff for further details.

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You can see this product on display in the following showrooms:

1.5 Seater


Our Designer

A very well made range with lovely features to give added comfort

boston sofa - chair Chair - 949
boston sofa - 1.5 seater 1.5 Seater - 1,119
boston sofa - 2 seater sofa 2 Seater Sofa - 1,315
boston sofa - 2.5 seater 2.5 Seater - 1,349
boston sofa - 3 seater sofa 3 Seater Sofa - 1,389
boston sofa - 3.5 seater 3.5 Seater - 1,469
boston sofa - 4 seater 4 Seater - 1,509