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Mayfair Fabric Sofa

New designer Fabric sofa range in a range of luxurious fabrics. More traditionally styled sofa it comes with the option of castors on the front legs. All five cushions are included in the price - 3 square scatters and 2 rectangular cushions.



Please note this Manufcaturer is shut for an Annual Holiday from the 16th July which will add an additional two weeks on to the quoted lead time.

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You can see this product on display in the following showrooms:

3 Seater


Our Designer

Upholstered in a contemporary yet traditional Designers Guild fabric (Ombrione Peony). The Mayfair has a smooth fixed back which is splendid for displaying your choice of patterned or plain fabric.

mayfair fabric sofa - chair Chair - 1,280
mayfair fabric sofa - footstool (buttoned or non buttoned) Footstool (buttoned or non buttoned) - 450
mayfair fabric sofa - 2 seater 2 Seater - 1,970
mayfair fabric sofa - 2.5 seater 2.5 seater - 2,070
mayfair fabric sofa - 3 seater 3 Seater - 2,170
mayfair fabric sofa - 3.5 seater 3.5 seater - 2,270
mayfair fabric sofa - 4 seater 4 Seater - 2,370