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Ornate Mirrors

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Darlings of Chelsea is proud to present its range of beautiful ornate mirrors, a collection of glamorous wall mirrors that can breathe new life into any room.

Look into our range of ornate mirrors, and we're certain you'll see yourself owning one.

Mirrors, of course, fulfil a functional purpose - but these mirrors are unashamedly about style over substance, and could almost be considered wall art in their own right.

Gilt Mirrors

A sparkling gem to hang on your wall, our ornate gilt mirrors deliver instant appeal but also delight on further inspection thanks to the delicate detailing around the frame.

Our overmantel gilt mirror is the perfect example. A uniquely shaped frame curves around a vast mirror to deliver a stunning overall impression but only when you get up close and personal can you really appreciate the ornate detail.

This particular piece, along with our France-inspired Chateau range, is suited best to traditional homes with plenty of wall space over. For more modern, designer homes though, we have mirrors available that deliver the required simplicity.

The studded Venetian mirror benefits from a stunning silver frame and a simple rectangular shape, making it ideal for minimalist living spaces.

Wall Mirrors

Certainly if you're short on space, you'll also be interested in our wall mirrors from the perspective of creating room or at least the illusion of it. A wall mirror sited in the right place can create the effect of an extended space, making a room seem considerably more spacious than it actually is.

With wall mirrors as large as these, you can almost double the size of your living space for a fraction of the cost of an extension!

Browse our ornate mirrors for sale, or drop into your nearest Darlings of Chelsea to see and feel the pieces at first hand.