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Trunks and Chests

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Discover our range of vintage trunks and chests and you'll feel like you've stumbled across lost gold. A fascinating, intriguing accessory to your living space, these leather trunks and chests are vintage chic at its best.

Flexible enough to look at home in any setting, our leather trunks and chests offer the perfect complement to traditional homes and the ideal juxtaposition against the backdrop of a contemporary, minimalist space.

Such living spaces, clean and uncluttered as they tend to be, often suffer from a lack of storage but that's another string to the bow of our trunks and chests.

Providing much more than just aesthetic appeal, these chests are deep and spacious and offer a stylish way to stow away goods. They help you to keep your home spotless and tidy for guests, who will remain unaware of the secret 'treasure' stored inside the chests!

Vintage Trunks

Certainly when it comes to vintage storage options, don't think outside the box...

Aside from their storage use, some of the pieces in our trunks and chests range also double as coffee tables, further evidence of their flexibility for a whole variety of purposes.

Of course though, for most people, the motivation to own one of these charming pieces is based on fashion. Our vintage trunks and chests are very of the moment, and an extremely stylish way to accessorise your living space.

They sit beautifully alongside our wall clocks and vintage globes to create an authentic, antique feel to your home.

Leather Trunks

These leather trunks and chests don't just look quality either they feel quality. Crafted from genuine leather by expert craftsmen, these designer pieces are weighty and durable.

And like all our leather furniture, only the most premium grades of leather are used in their creation.