September 1, 2016 00:00:00

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Corner Sofa Beds

Ideal in any home, a sofa bed is great for last minute sleepovers or visiting guests. It doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style and sophistication for convenience. On the contrary, at Darlings of Chelsea we have a gorgeous collection of corner sofas which also open up into comfortable sofa beds, all of which pull out and have a comfortable mattress that visitors will want to sleep on again and again. Even though a corner settee is large, it fits neatly into a space leaving plenty of room for other furnishings. There are also plenty of designs with detachable ends which can be moved around to suit the size of your lounge or guest room. Before choosing a corner sofa bed, measure your room in the spot it will be put in and ensure that there is enough space to pull the bed out (even if some furniture has to be rearranged).

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