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Leather Recliner Sofa Designs

Our leather recliner sofas are the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Their sleek and stylish design belies their comfort, with extending foot rests and adjustable headrests available with either manual or electric functions. Recliner sofas are a great way to maximise your living space, offering a compact seating solution that can be transformed into a wonderfully comfortable, slouchy leather sofa. Available in a variety of sizes, from armchairs and sofas, to corner and modular groups, you can choose from a wide selection of top grain leather in both light and dark colours, providing you with a convenient choice of shades to suit your décor. So Regardless of whether you want a bright and fun colour for your leather recliner sofa or you want something more relaxed and traditional in dark brown, you can be assured of a superb quality recliner sofa to settle into for a long time to come. From cinema style recliners to casual relaxed styles to share and enjoy with friends and family, there are solutions for everyone.

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