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Crafted from genuine leather hides, the Darlings of Chelsea leather sofa range brings a touch of class to your living space; from chic Italian to contemporary British designs, traditional Chesterfields and luxury designer brands. We spare no expense in creating our sofas and source the highest-quality leather hides for each of our pieces, using it throughout the sofa on the seats, back and sides. We don't use split leathers on any part of our sofas – to us, every part of the sofa is as important as the next, so we only use the finest material available. Using hardwood frames, each one is hand-built by expert craftsmen and the quality shines through in the design, build and upholstery. We have a large selection, from the classic brown and tan leathers to the more contemporary cream and white. And you can choose from either our natural and distressed leathers for a more traditional look, or our semi-protected and protected leather which are perfect for a busy family home.

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Hand Crafted in Luxurious Leather

To give you further peace of mind when buying a leather sofa from Darlings of Chelsea, the vast majority of our sofas are built at home in the UK. That subjects each and every piece to the strictest UK regulations and quality controls. So you can rest assured that when you buy a leather sofa from us, you're getting a high quality, approved product that's been manufactured lovingly by hand. In practical terms, that means your leather sofa looks great, feels fantastic and promises to last you for years. Our leather sofa range comprises Italian designer sofas, leather corner sofas and even leather sofa beds.

But whichever category you're shopping in, you'll find a wide range of styles to choose from. We've got classic Chesterfields – perfect for traditional living spaces – as well as more contemporary, minimalist designer sofas that make the ideal addition to modern homes. There are deep brown, traditional leathers and chic, white leather options; classic curves and contemporary angles; cosy two seaters and vast, corner sofas that seem to go on forever. In short, there's something for everybody – each piece built with style and comfort in equal measure.