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Sloane Leather Sofa

Darlings of Chelseas best selling sofa; The Sloane has substantial square arms and is one of our deepest sofas measuring 101cm depth so it is perfect for slouching and for taller people. At Darlings, all of our sofas are lovingly handmade using either beach wood or birch wood on all the main supporting frames and this particular one is hand crafted here in the UK.

This quality will ensure that you have a long and lasting relationship with your sofa. The standard filling, in the majority of our sofas, is high density reflex foam surrounded by a small fibre wrap giving you comfort that supports and won't lose it's shape. We can make this sofa with Detachable Arms (excluding sofa beds as the mechanism is stored in the arms) for an extra cost.

Detachable Arms would aid customers with a door width of less than 76cm or for those with restricted access. They are all made with a two-fold metal action frame, fitted with wooden slats and complete with a fully sprung 5" mattress, all of which make our sofa beds perfect for frequent use.

Customers Own Material (COM): 

If you would prefer to have this sofa upholstered in fabric, please let us know and we can work out a quote for you. Visit any of our showrooms to see our wide range of fabrics from designers including Ralph Lauren, Designers Guild, Romo, Linwood, Warwick and Jim Dickens. 

You can also supply your own material if you wish (subject to factory approval) to make the sofa exclusively bespoke to your own personal design - please speak to a member of staff for further details.

We have a 3 Seater Sofa in Heritage Dark Oak available for immediate delivery for only £1,099.

Also available for immediate delivery:

 3.5 Seater Sofa in Heritage Dark Brown for only £1,099.

1.5 Seater Chair in Shelley Silver Birch Leather for only £849.99.

 Left Hand facing Corner Sofa in Old English Tan leather for only £2195.

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You can see this product on display in the following showrooms:

Chair 1.5 seater 2 Seater 2.5 seater Sofa Bed - 2.5 seater (Detachable arms unavailable) 3 Seater Sofa Bed - 3 seater (detachable arms unavailable) 3.5 seater Small Square Ottoman (with storage) Ottoman

Our Designer

''Extra depth makes this sofa a winner for tall people and for those who want a relaxed sit''

Watch the video here

sloane leather sofa - chair Chair - 710
sloane leather sofa - 1.5 seater 1.5 seater - 999
sloane leather sofa - 2 seater 2 Seater - 1,330
sloane leather sofa - 2.5 seater 2.5 seater - 1,349
sloane leather sofa - sofa bed - 2.5 seater (detachable arms unavailable) Sofa Bed - 2.5 seater (Detachable arms unavailable) - 1,519
sloane leather sofa - 3 seater 3 Seater - 1,399
sloane leather sofa - sofa bed - 3 seater (detachable arms unavailable) Sofa Bed - 3 seater (detachable arms unavailable) - 1,639
sloane leather sofa - 3.5 seater 3.5 seater - 1,549
sloane leather sofa - sofa bed- 3.5 seater (detachable arms unavailable) Sofa Bed- 3.5 seater (Detachable arms unavailable) - 1,820
sloane leather sofa - 4 seater 4 seater - 1,649
sloane leather sofa - 4.5 seater 4.5 seater - 2,349
sloane leather sofa - 5 seater 5 seater - 2,399
sloane leather sofa - 6 seater 6 seater - 2,639
sloane leather sofa - detachable arms Detachable arms - 120
sloane leather sofa - footstool Footstool - 479
sloane leather sofa - small square ottoman (with storage) Small Square Ottoman (with storage) - 399
sloane leather sofa - ottoman Ottoman - 529
sloane leather sofa - memory foam mattress - 2.5str Memory Foam Mattress - 2.5str - 180
sloane leather sofa - memory foam mattress - 3str Memory Foam Mattress - 3str - 220
sloane leather sofa - memory foam mattress - 3.5str Memory Foam Mattress - 3.5str - 280