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Easy Spring Makeover Ideas

As the season most associated with new life and making a clean sweep of things, spring is the time for implementing new ideas and refreshing old favourites. Here are few things you can do to give your home a spring makeover, with an emphasis on simple and affordable suggestions. (Image source:

Create a feature wall with Spring wallpaper

Baldaquin wallpaper by Osbourne & LittleTo rejuvenate a room and give it a fresh spring-like appearance, one great suggestion is to choose one wall to be a ‘feature wall’. This will give the room a new focal point, and can completely change the room’s atmosphere. When choosing a feature wall, we would recommend one that doesn’t have windows and doors and which is large enough to be the room’s focal point.

Wallpaper is a simple, affordable and increasingly fashionable means of decorating a single wall. It will also mean that you can find a pattern that specifically suggests spring, bringing light and colour to the room, and refreshing the space - all with the minimum of effort on your part. Only wallpapering one wall means that you can be more adventurous in your choice of patterns than if you were going to cover all of the walls. For a particularly spring-like freshness, we like the look of these Louisiane wallpapers from Lorca.

Add flowers

Vibrant but cheering, seasonal flowers encapsulate the spirit of spring perfectly, and provide a beautiful, and simple, means of transforming a room.  You can choose whether to add flower-themed accessories like cushions or table cloths, or to add vases and displays of the flowers themselves. Daffodils and hyacinths are typical spring-time flowers, of course, and so too is blossom. The delicate and fleeting nature of a cutting of blossom makes for a gentle and pleasing addition to any room, and is a  great idea for a simple spring makeover.

Reorganise your shelving

kids shelving idea - Easy Spring Makeover IdeaThis is a great tip for giving a room a fresh look, without having to spend any money. If your room has a lot of shelving, why not give it a refresh? Get rid of any tired and dusty-looking books, anything with a browned or frayed dust jacket needs to go into storage. Change the way your books are presented, by alternating vertically aligned books with the occasional horizontal stack. You can also break up the space between books by creating open areas, and spaces for ornaments and framed pictures. By removing the monotony a row of books can present, your bookshelves can become an integral part of the room’s decor. This can all be done in a short amount of time, and at little or no cost. (Image source:

Reflected glory

If your room doesn’t already have a mirror, adding one can be a great way to change its appearance and create a sense of there being more space. This year, a popular trend is for groups of small mirrors to hang together. These look best when hung in an apparent random mirror, in a group of five or seven mirrors of various sizes. It is a simple idea, that could make a huge difference to a room, particularly if added to a feature wall.

Re-style your wardrobe

It’s time to pack away your winter clothes, or at least it soon should be, and only have your spring and summer wardrobe on display. The act of separating your clothes in this way has two benefits: firstly, it helps you to feel refreshed and confident about the coming months, and secondly, it can make the interior of your wardrobe eye-pleasing and therefore more cheering. You can also make a big difference to your room by removing the wardrobe’s door and displaying your spring / summer clothes so that they are colour co-ordinated, like they do in clothes shops.

These are just a few suggestions for sprucing up your home so that it reflects the new season. If you have any thoughts, please let us know. We are always glad to hear your interior design ideas and suggestions.