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How to Buy a Sofa

When considering that new sofa, you may want to think about a few simple pointers to help make your mind up before your final decision is made. After all, it is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you will buy, and with the life expectancy being a good few years; it is a purchase that will be with you for quite some time.

Making sure your choice fits is vital. Measuring your space is of paramount importance and that includes making sure the entrance, such as doorways are wide enough to get your choice in, in the first place.

While getting the right colour is important, getting one that will last is just as important. Cheap furniture will break; it will quickly go out of shape, and such items as springs could pop leaving you with a sofa that needs replacing soon after purchase. A good quality constructed sofa should offer years of enjoyment and have a suitable frame that should you want to recover it, it is good enough to do so.

Frame Construction

Ask about the construction of any sofa you are considering. Cheaper frames tend to be made from pine or other softwoods, whilst the best frames are manufactured from hardwoods such as oak, maple and poplar. Cheap furniture is stapled together, whereas higher quality products are screwed together. Consider these options for longevity of your product.

Cushion Fillings

Cushion filling is an important aspect to the feel of a sofa. Upholstery foam is available in a variety of thicknesses and weights. The better quality cushions have down fillings. Down pads featuring a core of foam is a popular option. Understanding these options for your sofa is important when shopping around.

Style of Cushions

There are a couple of options to consider when looking at cushions for a sofa. Cushions for sofas can be found in either loose back or attached form. Attached backs as the wording implies, are attached to the back of the sofa frame and offer the advantage of not needing to be re-arranged or fluffing up having been sat on. On the other hand, loose cushions are removable and can be turned as and when needed. Is the sofa comfortable regardless of the type of cushions you plump for? Be sure you sit on any sofa you are considering.

Springs or Coils

Springs Coils
Some furniture stores have a cutaway of the interior of the sofa you may have an interest in. How is the seat support system manufactured, does it have springs or cheaper wire coils?

Style of Sofa Arm

There are plenty of sofa arm styles to consider. You can choose from many different arm styles including rolled arms, straight arms with cording or fabric being formed into pleats. Straight-arm sofas are becoming more popular and often seen in more modern settings nowadays. Take a good look at the various styles and consider the style and setting of your surroundings before making a final decision.

Fabric for your New Sofa

Choosing a fabric for your sofa is the single most difficult option. Leather is attractive, very fashionable at present and will last a long time, whilst Chenille is soft and durable. Velvets and other materials look very good but with heavy use may not be so hard wearing if you are a heavy user, for instance if you intend to use your sofa in a family environment. Choose fabric according to your lifestyle and the considered use your sofa will be subject to.