Darlings of Chelsea affiliate program

At Darlings of Chelsea we specialise in selling high quality, hand crafted leather and fabric sofas, sofa beds and other furniture through our website and in store, offering a huge variety of designs. What's more, our furntiure is not only individual in design, but it is also built to last. Customers can make substantial savings buying online and these savings are shown in the excellent conversion rate levels through the website.

What do we offer to our affiliates?
  • Cookie length = 30 days
  • High conversion rate and competitive AOV
  • 7% commission, may be negotiable in cases of specialized promotions
  • Bonus commission to best performing affiliates
  • Easy to use website
  • High quality banners, with specially created banners and creative material available if standard sizes are not suitable
  • Detailed descriptions and dimensions
  • Affordable prices for customers

How to apply for our program?

If you want to join our affiliate program please follow these simple steps:

  • Apply online to register for our program – Click here
  • Access all our creative material ( banners, logo and product feed ) in Affiliate Window
  • Start promoting Darlings of Chelsea and generating sales
Contact Us

Please find below the contact details.

Krista Cooke: [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Please note - Commission will be paid 14 days after delivery of the sofas. Typically 5-7 weeks.

Please be advised that ''Brand Name Bidding'' restrictions apply to the Darlings of Chelsea programme.

Affiliates are requested not to bid on brand name terms or derivations or misspellings including but not isolated to:

  • darlingsofchelsea
  • darlings of chelsea
  • darlings chelsea

No affiliates are allowed to have adverts appear for searches on these or similar terms. To avoid broad match issues please include restricted terms as negative keywords in all your PPC campaigns for Darlings of Chelsea.

Affiliates found bidding on restricted terms may have pending transactions cancelled or face temporary suspension from the programme.