Sustainability at Darlings of Chelsea

Sustainability is becoming ever-more important and at Darlings we are committed to working towards a more sustainable future. The work has already started but we have ambitions to go a lot further.


At present, we already source sustainably where we can - the wood for our frames is sourced from responsibly-managed forests and we offer a range of recycled fabrics, which we are looking to increase in the next few years. We also source all our feather and down from certified suppliers.

Our goal is for all our materials to be certified as being responsibly sourced, where a certification exists, or derived from recycled materials by 2027. In terms of plastic, by 2025 we will ensure all our plastic is made from recycled materials, but we are also investigating ways to reduce the amount of plastic usage.

Waste Not Want Not

It's not just about reducing plastic usage though - it's about reducing wastage in every way possible across the business. We're proud to say that by having our sofas handmade to order , it prevents unnecessary waste, using only what we need when we need it.

Leather - Full Traceability

We pride ourselves not just on the quality of our products but on their traceability too. With all our leathers, we have full traceability right back to the individual farm they came from. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are key focuses for our tanneries, who are working with the Sustainable Leather Foundation (whose aim is to support its stakeholders to learn, improve and protect).

UK Made and Proud

We're proud to share that by the end of 2022, all Darlings' products will be made here in the UK, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and we're excited to share that we're working with our manufacturers to produce a sofa that is made from fully sustainably sourced and recycled materials, with the goal of having it complete and ready for sale in 2023. Watch this space!

Electric Dreams

It's not just inside our stores, it's outside too. We now have electric charging points at many of our stores, with our teams encouraged to drive electric cars and charge them at work. With plans to expand our fleet, we will also look to buy electric vans where we can.