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Duresta Watson

About the range

A divine sofa with many traditional features including elegant scrolled arms and raised castor feet. A substantial array of sumptuous feather filled cushions offer the ultimate in comfort, and a luxurious look and feel.


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Duresta R6

  • Folio Ash
  • Folio Silver
  • Somerton Silver Birch
  • Tintagel Field Grey
  • Tintagel Limestone
  • Pimlico Velvet Indigo
  • Pimlico Velvet Mink
  • Louvain Slate

Duresta R7

  • Brianza Velvet Gold
  • Brianza Velvet Mole
  • Brianza Velvet Wine
  • Brianza Velvet China Blue
  • Brianza Velvet Silver Birch
  • Brianza Velvet Aubergine
  • Ponte Vecchio Indigo
  • Bruxelles Slate
  • Malins Slate
  • Anvers Slate
  • Grand Tour Rosso
  • Joumana Rosso
  • Rhapsody Russet Sand
  • Symphony Strip Russet Sand
  • Waterfield Nettle
  • Waterfield Arborio
  • Waterfield Beech
  • Waterfield Buttercream
  • Waterfield China Blue
  • Waterfield Cobblestone
  • Waterfield Dijon
  • Waterfield Driftwood
  • Waterfield Honeycomb
  • Waterfield Jute
  • Waterfield Lemongrass
  • Waterfield Lovage
  • Waterfield Mercury
  • Waterfield Mulberry
  • Waterfield Nori
  • Waterfield Oyster
  • Waterfield Raffia
  • Waterfield Sand
  • Waterfield Tarragon
  • Waterfield Travertine
  • Waterfield Apple
  • Waterfield Chilli
  • Waterfield Chinese Red
  • Waterfield Cranberry
  • Waterfield Elderberry
  • Waterfield Fennel
  • Waterfield Mulled Wine
  • Waterfield Paprika
  • Waterfield Petunia
  • Waterfield Pistachio
  • Waterfield Red Tulip
  • Waterfield Bracken

Duresta R8

  • Lorenzo Celadon
  • Lorenzo Stripe Celadon
  • Parikia Marble
  • Paros Marble
  • Parian Marble
  • Casanova Stripe Silver
  • Savoy Silver
  • Winterfell Plain Iron
  • Riverrun Stripe Iron
  • Mulsanne Mink
  • Mulsanne Stripe Mink
  • Scirocco Stripe Mink
  • Bergman Swedish Grey
  • Bergman Oyster
  • Vecchio Indigo
  • Guinevere Stripe White Gold
  • Guinevere White Gold
  • Melton Russet Gold
  • Brunswick Russet Gold
  • Stanford Stripe Russet Gold
  • Cosmo Quicksilver
  • Madrigal Verdis Gris
  • Rupert Ermine
  • Arran Blue
  • Rupert Linen
  • Tangmere Ermine Linen

Duresta R9

  • Kintore Silver
  • Fairweather Mother of Pearl
  • Fotheringay Mother of Pearl
  • Marianne Delft
  • Marianne Stripe Delft
  • Vogue Stripe Truffle
  • Vogue Truffle
  • Corinthian Silver Gilt
  • Greensleeves Verdis Gris
  • Syon Park Porcelain
  • Richmond Park Porcelain
  • Rembrandt Velvet Purple Lake
  • Hugo Fig
  • Hugo Blackcurrent
  • Flavia Sapphire
  • Renishaw Champagne
  • Renishaw Chestnut
  • Renishaw Claret
  • Renishaw Cream
  • Renishaw Gold
  • Renishaw Grey
  • Renishaw Hessian
  • Renishaw Ivory
  • Renishaw Moss
  • Renishaw Oyster
  • Renishaw Red
  • Renishaw Silver
  • Renishaw Violet
  • Bancroft Faberge
  • Bancroft Stripe Faberge
  • Bancroft Gemstone
  • Bancroft Stripe Gemstone
  • Kingmaker Gemstone

Duresta R10

  • Groovy Granite
  • Medici Stripe Argent
  • Pink and Rose Vellum Indigo
  • La Scala Royal Blue
  • La Scala Truffle
  • La Scala Royal Purple

Duresta R11

  • Lounge Lizard Mercury
  • Molten Stripe Mercury
  • Orchidea Hothouse
  • Vivaldi Argento
  • Delphos Argento
  • Capuchins Boysenberry
  • Prezioso Malachite
  • Gatsby Peacock

Duresta R12

  • Faberge Antique Gold
  • Pangolin Pacific
  • Resplendant Fireglow
  • Moondance Velvet Cosmos
  • Tallis Fantasia
  • Annalise Dove Grey
  • Annalise Stripe Dove Grey
  • Bolshoi Aubergine

Duresta R13

  • Beaumont Granite
  • Beaumont Aquamarine
  • Beaumont Spice

Duresta R14

  • Paradise Velvet Barley
  • Paradise Velvet Beaten Gold
  • Paradise Velvet Duck Egg
  • Paradise Velvet Flint
  • Paradise Velvet Ocean
  • Paradise Velvet Sage

Duresta R15

  • Fontana Champagne
  • Tunguska Cosmos
  • Monkey Puzzle Teal

Duresta R16

  • Wilde Carnation Olive


  • Duresta R6 Louvain Slate
  • Duresta R7 Bruxelles Slate
  • Duresta R7 Malins Slate
  • Duresta R7 Anvers Slate
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Nettle
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Lemongrass
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Lovage
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Tarragon
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Apple
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Fennel
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Pistachio
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Bracken
  • Duresta R8 Madrigal Verdis Gris
  • Duresta R9 Greensleeves Verdis Gris
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Moss
  • Duresta R11 Prezioso Malachite
  • Duresta R14 Paradise Velvet Sage
  • Duresta R16 Wilde Carnation Olive


  • Duresta R7 Brianza Velvet Gold
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Dijon
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Honeycomb
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Sand
  • Duresta R8 Guinevere Stripe White Gold
  • Duresta R8 Guinevere White Gold
  • Duresta R8 Melton Russet Gold
  • Duresta R8 Brunswick Russet Gold
  • Duresta R8 Stanford Stripe Russet Gold
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Champagne
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Gold
  • Duresta R12 Faberge Antique Gold
  • Duresta R14 Paradise Velvet Beaten Gold
  • Duresta R15 Fontana Champagne


  • Duresta R7 Brianza Velvet Wine
  • Duresta R7 Grand Tour Rosso
  • Duresta R7 Joumana Rosso
  • Duresta R7 Rhapsody Russet Sand
  • Duresta R7 Symphony Strip Russet Sand
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Chilli
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Chinese Red
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Cranberry
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Red Tulip
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Claret
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Red
  • Duresta R9 Bancroft Faberge
  • Duresta R9 Bancroft Stripe Faberge
  • Duresta R13 Beaumont Spice


  • Duresta R7 Brianza Velvet Aubergine
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Mulberry
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Elderberry
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Mulled Wine
  • Duresta R9 Rembrandt Velvet Purple Lake
  • Duresta R9 Hugo Fig
  • Duresta R9 Hugo Blackcurrent
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Violet
  • Duresta R10 La Scala Royal Purple
  • Duresta R12 Bolshoi Aubergine


  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Driftwood
  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Jute
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Chestnut


  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Nori
  • Duresta R9 Corinthian Silver Gilt
  • Duresta R12 Moondance Velvet Cosmos
  • Duresta R13 Beaumont Granite


  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Paprika


  • Duresta R7 Waterfield Petunia
  • Duresta R11 Orchidea Hothouse


  • Duresta R8 Parikia Marble
  • Duresta R8 Paros Marble
  • Duresta R8 Parian Marble
  • Duresta R8 Bergman Oyster
  • Duresta R11 Capuchins Boysenberry


  • Duresta R8 Casanova Stripe Silver
  • Duresta R8 Savoy Silver
  • Duresta R9 Renishaw Silver
  • Duresta R10 Medici Stripe Argent
  • Duresta R11 Lounge Lizard Mercury
  • Duresta R11 Molten Stripe Mercury
  • Duresta R11 Vivaldi Argento
  • Duresta R11 Delphos Argento
  • Duresta R12 Resplendant Fireglow
Manufacture Made to order in the UK
Delivery 12-14 Weeks
Internal Frame Guarantee Lifetime guarantee
Frame Hardwood frame (beech or birch). Pinned, screwed and dowelled.
Seat Cushions Duck Feather
Back Cushions Duck Feather
Tight Access Dismantled delivery available (contact us for more information)
Bespoke Options Yes - this model can be tailored or tweaked to suit your requirements
Scatter Cushions Duck Feather
Feet Polished Mahogany leg finish with Brass castors or Valanced with castorless legs
Scatter Cushion Filling Filled with Duck feather
Suspension Support Coil springs
Back Support Serpentine sprung back

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