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Interior Design Trends for 2021: What’s In & What’s Out


With every season, comes change. In fashion, it can relate to the latest colours, cuts, materials and styles (and temperature) and it isn’t that different when it comes to interior design. While one colour or style might be a big hit one year, over time, styles and colours can move up and down the rankings, with new trends rising to the forefront.

The pandemic has had a big impact on this year’s interior design trends. While spending more time at home, people are keener than ever to create a cosy, inviting space, with comfy chairs high on the design agenda, alongside home offices and a colour palette, which focuses largely on earthy, warm colours, such as burnt oranges, greens and browns.

If you’re keen to understand interior design trends for 2021, we’re here to help shed light on what’s in and what’s out!

Home Comforts

Given the amount of time we’ve spent in our own homes this past year, home comforts were an inevitable focus when it came to this year’s living room trends. Nobody wants to spend an increased amount of time in a living space that doesn’t feel welcoming – a cosy living room and a comfy sofa have topped the list for many people when it comes to creating new Pinterest boards and researching online.

The addition of a comfortable sofa such as the Haymarket can immediately transform the ambience within your living space – and if you chose natural materials, including leather or earthy colours like browns or burnt oranges, you’re ticking off several of this year’s trends in one go.

If you do choose a corner sofa and want to add a comfortable armchair to the mix, that will allow you to align with yet another of this year’s trends – mismatched furniture. Gone are the days when you would have a furniture set. Now, it’s all about contrast, be that through texture, style or colour.

Charnwood Love Seat in Varsese Velvet Turquoise

Working from Home

Two years ago, working from home wasn’t that common - fast forward beyond the pandemic and most of us will have had this experience in some shape or form. And while some people were lucky enough to already have a home office set-up, the majority fashioned a worktop out of their dining room/kitchen table and came to realise that an allocated space might be the way forward.

This brings us to our next interior trend – broken-plan living or multi-functional living, i.e., creating greater flexibility with how you use your living space. A few pieces of furniture can provide you with all you need to create a nice space to work from, such as:

a comfy office chair.

a nice table.

accessories, such as a lamp and maybe a plant for your desk.

Whether you move that clutter from the spare room you’ve been planning to sort for years, repaint under the stairs or simply bring your office chair into the dining room to signify the start of the working day, the home office is here to stay and it’s worth looking at how you can make that work better for you.

Warm and Cool Colours

Every year, Pantone announce their colour for the year. In 2021, they decided to break from the norm and chose two colours – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (which is a bright yellow). The reason for the choice of two colours was to highlight how different elements come together to support each other. The gray is calm, warming and optimistic, while the yellow radiates strength and optimism.

In addition to these two colours, earthy tones have become a real focal point, with a palette of warm colours such as rusts, warm greens and deep reds proving popular. And while accent walls were on-trend several years ago, they are now slowly moving down the hot list, with designers preferring the use of one colour.


There has been a real emergence in country style trends in recent years and 2021 is no different - upping the ante with #cottagecore, one of the most used interior hashtags on Instagram at the moment. And with Princess Anne setting the internet (Twitter in particular) alight when images of her cosy living room emerged, it seems that this is one trend that is set to stay.

The key ingredients are a combination of natural elements, such as:

exposed beams.

bare brick and wooden flooring.

mixed with some vintage décor.

a touch of the contemporary to create a homely, personal look and feel.

Biophilic Design

A concept we’ve touched on in previous blogs, biophilic design is all about incorporating nature into your interiors, linking more closely to the outdoors – through natural materials, plants and using the colour green.

As we’ve spent more time in our home over the past year, health and wellness need to start within your own four walls. Think about maximising any natural light and perhaps adding a piece of art that has references to Mother Nature. Green is very much on everyone’s lips when it comes to this year’s colour palette, whether it’s sage or olive or a sumptuous green velvet sofa such as the Stirling.


Create your own indoor jungle with some plants dotted around, from towering Monstera Deliciosa to medicinal Aloe Vera - there is a wealth of choice available to ensure it will align with your style.

Sustainability is also a hot topic this year and more than ever, people are looking at how to use natural materials, from rattan and bamboo to stone and cork.

Japandi Style

While some design trends have been around for a while and grown in popularity, there are some new kids on the block – one of them being Japandi.

A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design, both focus on simplicity, natural elements and comfort. Japandi blends Scandi functionality and the rustic minimalism of Japanese design, with clean lines, lighter colours, and bright spaces all key to this style.

If you’d like a cosy living room with a Japandi style, think quality craftsmanship, neutral colour palettes created with a sustainable ethos – adding greenery into your living space also plays into this design trend.

Japanese interiors incorporate light-coloured wood, with additions of black – this monochromatic aesthetic, with the odd accent of green, will see you create a cosy yet contemporary living space – perfect for 2021.