Ashdown corner sofa in crushed velvet - stain resistant velvets available
11th August 2020

5 Cinema Sofas to Bring the Movie Theatre Experience to Your Home

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Is there anything better than grabbing a bag of popcorn and a glass of wine, sinking into your sofa, and hitting play on that film you’ve been dying to see for ages?

Given the additional amount of time we’ve been spending at home in 2020, a movie night is definitely on the cards pretty much every week. So much so that there has been a significant increase in the number of people transforming one of their rooms into a home cinema, to make movie night even more of an experience.

If you are looking for inspiration to create your own home theatre experience and want the perfect home cinema seating, here are 5 cinema sofas to bring the movie theatre experience to your home.

Relax with a Fabric Cinema Sofa

One of the most frustrating things about a trip to the cinema is the cinema seat, which can be very upright without a great deal of legroom. Watching a movie is the ultimate activity when it comes to relaxing but the ability to kick off your shoes and put your feet up only happens at home.

And the ability to choose the right home cinema sofa for your movie experience ensures you can tick all the comfort boxes. Can you sink into it? Does it give your head the right amount of support? Can you put your feet up? How does the material feel against your skin?

With a fabric cinema sofa, such as the Haymarket Extra Deep Sofa, it also ticks all the boxes as a family sofa. With deep soft fabric cushions to allow you to sink back and relax, the corner sofa gives you all room to spread out, and even lie down to watch the film if you want to.

Leather Cinema Sofa for Style and Comfort

If you want your theatre experience to be as stylish as it is comfortable, a leather cinema sofa might be the right choice.

The Kingly leather sofa has deep seats to relax back into, with chunky arms (perfect for resting a drink/popcorn on) and can be customised to come with a chaise, perfect for putting your feet up.

One of the most durable materials, a leather sofa is a long-term investment, which can look better as it ages and offers the ultimate contemporary style.

Put Your Feet Up with a Recliner Sofa

While it’s possible to put your feet up on many sofas if you want to do it properly and make your home cinema seating the talk of the town, a recliner sofa is the way forward.

Gone are the days when the only recliner sofas available were clunky and lacking in style. It’s now possible to choose a cinema sofa recliner that looks the part and offers the ultimate in relaxation.

The Hugo has a retro design and offers a smooth reclining mechanism. Its tall back cushion gives you the support you need while its cushioning provides the perfect comfort. When you recline, the sheer size almost offers you a bed, perfect if you like to snooze when watching a film!

There is a real range of recliner sofas, in both fabric and leather, to ensure you can achieve the look and style you’re going for whilst offering the ultimate movie experience.

Home Cinema Sofa Bed for Your Living Room or Bedroom

If you want to go one further and have a sofa bed as part of your home theatre experience, there are plenty of stylish options to choose from.

Giving a nod to the classic Chesterfield, the Payton is a luxury sofa bed available in velvet, fabric or leather, which opens out to a comfortable bed, giving you the option to watch your film and fall asleep whenever you choose.

It’s also perfect for a spare room, giving your guests the chance to watch a bit of TV when they go to bed.

Snuggle Up with a U-shaped sofa

When a movie night turns into a social gathering, with friends joining you to watch your all-time favourite film, or that one you all wanted to see but never got round to, a U-shaped sofa is the perfect cinema room sofa – offering plenty of space, style and the perfect place to relax and watch the big screen.

A U-corner sofa, like The Francesca, not only oozes style, it is a recliner, offers adjustable headrests and has well-padded cushions to provide that extra level of comfort. Sit in this and you’ll never go to the cinema again!

Alternative Home Cinema Ideas

For those who don’t want to permanently transform a room into a home cinema, or perhaps you don’t have a room spare, during the summer months, why not turn your back garden into an outdoor cinema?

You can use some simple, cost-effective items such as wooden pallets and railway sleepers to make decking, benches and even your very own home bar. Add some fairy lights, outdoor rugs and cosy beanbags and settle back under a blanket with your film of choice and the starry night as your backdrop.