20th May 2019

7 Best Neutral Sofas for Scandi Interiors

By Darlings Of Chelsea


The phrase ‘less is more’ is never more appropriate than when considering Scandinavian design. Out with the clutter, in with minimalism. Gone is the brightly coloured wallpaper, in its place come white walls and neutral palettes, with occasional splashes of colour here and there. Simple yet effective, the ambition for any Scandi design is to create a feeling of cosiness, otherwise known as Hygge. The furniture you choose has a big part to play in creating that vibe, especially your sofa, which can often be the centrepiece of your living room.

So, if you’re looking to create a Scandi-inspired room, here are the seven best neutral sofas for Scandi interiors.

Grey Sofa

When deciding to go for Scandinavian décor in your living space, a grey sofa is a popular choice. With numerous shades available, all complementing light or white walls and wooden floors, it also offers the perfect backdrop for some bold splashes of colour through cushions, rugs and pictures.

Darlings Darwin sofa is a perfect example, with its simple, classic design and wooden legs offering a sofa that will sit seamlessly within a Scandi-styled interior.

Darwin Grand Sofa in Habitat Cloud (contrast piping in mystic dove)


Mid Century Modern Sofa

The shape is key when it comes to Scandinavian design. It’s all about simplicity and comfort, with no unnecessary flourishes, which is where Mid Century Modern Sofas come into the mix.

Characterised by clean lines and geometric shapes, a Mid Century Modern sofa brings a touch of elegance to your living room. Not only are these sofas beautifully constructed, but they are also functional and comfortable, and sofas such as the Helena can be customised with any number of fabrics and colours, with neutral colours such as greys, creams and fawns the ideal choice.


Chaise Longue Sofa

Scandi design also factors practicality into its living spaces. If you’re a family with a need for a larger sofa, a chaise longue could provide the solution. Offering more space than a two or three seater sofa but retaining a chic design, a chaise longue sofa such as the Studio, in plush velvet, offers real warmth, comfort and style.


Leather Sofa

Stylish and timeless, a leather sofa works with any design, and for a Scandi-style interior, it brings just the right level of warmth. Team with wool or sheepskin throw to add some texture into the equation.


High-Backed Sofa

With design at the heart of Scandinavian-inspired décor, a high-backed sofa provides a classic aesthetic, more support for your back and neck than a normal sofa, and most importantly, offers a real level of comfort. Growing in popularity, these sofas add a real sense of style to your living space.


Corner Sofa

Balance is a key characteristic in Scandinavian design – between functionality, modernism, and comfort. In a large room, a slimline corner sofa won’t overwhelm your interior, it will sit in proportion and provide balance, plenty of space to relax and a place for all the family to spend quality time together.


Black Sofa

Scandi décor is known for its muted palettes, with whites and greys at the forefront. But black is often used, to create a strong monochromatic look, through the likes of artwork and standalone pieces of furniture, such as your sofa. If a neutral sofa isn’t a sensible option for your home, due to pets and kids, a black sofa will still help to create a Scandinavian look but it also hides any potential marks/stains which can come with family life!