8th February 2022

Why Everyone is Creating a Calm Living Space, and You Should Too!

By Darlings Of Chelsea

The last few years have been a testing time for everyone and the impact on our mental health is there for all to see. This is why, like never before, the need to create a space to get away from it all is vital. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole room, it could simply be a small corner, created to bring some calm to a stressful day. Here’s our take on why everyone is creating a calm living space, and you should too. 

What is a Calm Room?

The Epping Large Sofa in Textured Weaves Oatmeal

A calm room, essentially, is a place where you feel you can escape from the stresses and strains of your day. It could be:

.a calm living room, where you’ve created a serene aesthetic through soft materials and lighting, lots of greenery and candles.

.a calm bedroom, with cosy bedding and relaxing bedroom colours.

.or you could look at creating a small reading room or nook, providing you with a space to get away from technology, curl up on a cosy reading chair and lose yourself in a good book.

Ultimately, depending on your available space and where you feel is the right place to create that peaceful ambience, the choice is up to you. The good news is, that through some small changes, you could see a positive change in your own day to day wellbeing.

How to Create a Calming Space?

1. Plants, Plants and More Plants:

Plants are more popular than ever, linking your interior to the great outdoors, and bringing the tranquility of the natural environment in. Whether you add some hanging plants, tall plants or even some small cacti, it can make a real difference to your space.

2. Think About Your Furniture:

If you’ve been sitting in an office chair for most of the day, you need a place to escape from that. Whether it’s a cosy chair with a chaise, giving you the opportunity to stretch out and put your feet up, or a cosy armchair by the fire for you to snuggle into, add some furniture which brings you real enjoyment.

3. Declutter:

Just looking around at a cluttered space can create stress. Take some time out to get rid of things you don’t use or need and instead use that space for something mindful – perhaps a space to:

.Practice yoga.

.Maybe even turn it into a crystal room, with room to meditate.

.Or create a reading room or nook, with a cosy reading chair.

4.  Think About Colour:

Everyone is different and different colours will evoke different emotions. For some, calm living room colours may revolve around a neutral palette, whereas for others, the use of green or blue may be preferable.

It also depends on the room – relaxing bedroom colours may be different to calming living room colours. So, spend some time online to get some inspiration and decide what colour works with your furniture and will create that sense of serenity you’re looking for.

5. Other Ways to Find Calm with your Interior:

A calm living space isn’t going to do the job for everyone. If you want to find other ways to alleviate stress or frustration, why not create a rage room? Whereas calm rooms work for some, others may want a more energetic, physical way to escape from their day – a room where you can listen to or play music, dance, hit a punch bag and let off some steam. The colours you choose for this room may be totally different – you may want a bold interior, something with energy and passion!

Ultimately, your home is your safe space. A place to escape from the stresses of your day and enjoy some time out. Whether that’s through reading, cosying up with a loved one to watch a film or hitting a punch bag, create an aesthetic that works for you and relax in the knowledge it will always be there for you to use as and when you need it.