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Corner Sofa Bed to Treat Your Guests

With people generally living in smaller properties than ever, making efficient use of space is vital, particularly when it comes to accommodating guests. When your living room is your only option for guests sleeping over, a sofa bed is obviously the best choice. But even for those lucky enough to have a dedicated guest room, a sofa bed can still be a great option that allows the room to double-up as a study, TV room, or second living space when it’s not in use.

Wherever you’re putting the sofa bed, having a corner sofa bed is a perfect way to maximise the space and make it comfortable and inviting whether it’s configured as a bed or as a sofa. Corner sofas are, of course, designed to fit neatly into the corners of rooms, leaving plenty of space in the middle. This both makes the room look more open and also leaves plenty of room for the bed to fold out.

Corner sofa beds also often come with extra storage in the side that doesn’t contain the bed, where bedding and blankets can be kept tidied away, avoiding the need to use up valuable cupboard space elsewhere in the property.

Leather or fabric corner sofa beds

Leather is a smart choice for a corner sofa bed that is well suited to the sometimes chunky proportions of a sofa bed, and also benefits from being robust, hard-wearing and easy to clean. A relatively neutral colour like brown, black or cream allows for flexibility in bedding when the sofa is configured as a bed, and stops it from being too overwhelming when it’s unfolded and takes up a lot of space in the room.

For fabric, harder-wearing fabrics like wool and cotton tend to work best for sofa-beds, and it’s often better to avoid more delicate materials like velvet, particularly if it’s a more secondary sofa that won’t be sat on as often, like one in a guest room or study.

Alexi chaise sofa bed in grey velvet Alexi chaise sofa bed


Corner sofa bed sizes

Sicily Chaise corner sofa bed Sicily Chaise corner sofa bed

A corner sofa bed doesn’t need to be huge, although generally to be large enough for a bed, the main section will need to be a two-and-a-half or three-seater, while the other leg can be much smaller. Small corner sofa beds like this fit neatly into second bedrooms, studies, or small living rooms such as those in city apartments.

A much larger corner sofa can be great for bigger living spaces, and makes for a useful piece of furniture for parties and large gatherings, as well as accommodation for overnight guests. Although the bed itself isn’t necessarily any bigger in a large corner sofa bed, it provides more options for storage, or sometimes the flexibility to have someone else sleeping on one side of the sofa if you have additional guests.

Venice Corner Sofa bed Venice Corner Sofa bed

Modular corner sofas

Corner sofa beds can also be modular, allowing for flexibility in how they are arranged, whether left-hand or right-hand, and whether you want a smaller or larger second leg to the sofa. This generally requires a sofa bed with a back but no arms, or an arm on only one side, and then placing another module or several modules at right-angles to it. With different blocks and corner pieces, this even provides the option to change the configuration between a smaller sofa with separate individual seats, or a single large corner sofa.