Wall art ideas
9th April 2013

DIY Wall Art Ideas | Great Wall Art Ideas Anyone Can Create

By Darlings Of Chelsea

A work of art on the wall can be a great focal point and play an integral part of a room’s appearance. Sadly, few of us can afford original pieces and even fewer have the skills necessary to create a masterpiece of our own. However, with a little know-how and just a dash of imagination it is possible to create engaging and attractive wall art without having to invest a small fortune. (image source: www.makeanddogirl.com)

With homemade wall art, there is the joy in knowing that your own ideas and talents have been used to create something unique and distinctive for your home. None of your friends will have the same piece, and it will serve as a true reflection of your taste and individual style. Thanks to the many arts and crafts websites and blogs, there are thousands of different ideas out there for you to adopt and make your own, and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to spend much money in the process. In fact, the ideas suggested here cost next to nothing to create, and most importantly, look fantastic. Here are just a couple of suggestions for unique wall art ideas that impressed us with their style, high simplicity and low cost.

Book Wall Art

book wall

An ingenious idea that solves two problems at once: how to find a neat storage solution for books and what to do with empty wall space. Books are some of the most attractively designed objects we possess, but for the most part, they are hidden away on shelves, with only their spines visible. Brittni Mehlhoff, editor of the online arts and crafts gallery Paper & Stitch, suggests creating a book wall. She recommends using hardbacks, and with the right colour combinations and the very simple means of attaching the books to the wall with velcro, it is possible to create a display which is both eye-pleasing and practical. If you ever want to read one of the books, there is nothing to stop you from taking it down and then putting it back up on the wall when you have finished. Simple, extremely cheap, and sure to be noticed.

Travel Map Pin Board

travel map pin board

Maps have long been a popular choice for wall decorations, especially amongst those with a taste for travel. There is something very pleasing about the beautiful shapes of the countries and oceans of the world. It is also pleasant to look at the places that you have visited, or dream of visiting, and this travel map pin board, as suggested by designer Ciera in her blog, is a fantastic means of combining stylish wall decoration with a real and personal account of your own travels and adventures. Because your own experiences and dreams are exactly that: your own, no two people’s pin board can ever be the same. Furthermore, as the years go by, and you continue to pin new destinations on your board, its appearance will change and grow with you.

Plenty more art ideas for your wall

If a piece of home-made wall art is really to succeed, it must say something about you. This is what attracted us to the Book Wall and Travel Pin Board ideas – each artwork becomes a unique reflection of the people whose wall it is. However, we have barely touched the surface; there are almost as many ideas for low-cost wall art as there are walls with empty space that needs filling. Our advice is to do some research and find something that represents your style and personality, and with a little effort, your walls will both look good and say something special about you.

Do you have any great suggestions for DIY wall art?