14th May 2012

Finishing Touches – Scatter Cushions

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Buying brand-new leather sofas or fabric sofas for your home is a daunting but exciting task. There are plenty of different styles and designs to choose from, any of which could look sublime when you purchase them, take delivery and move them into position in the room of your choice. But even when you have your desired sofa the process doesn’t end there. In many ways, the best effect is only achieved when you add those few essential finishing touches. A sofa on its own can look very bare, so here are some tips on making sure you dress it for the best appearance. Take a look at our selection of Scatter cushions to add to your new sofa.

Scatter cushions

Scatter CushionsOf course, the most frequently added items to any type of sofa are cushions. Scatter cushions are ideal to use with all types of leather sofas and fabric sofas. They also work well with sofa beds as you can add them to the pillows to make the bed more comfortable once you have pulled it out to use.

It is important to choose something that complements your existing sofa if you can. Contrasting styles work very well indeed. For example, if you have a patterned sofa, think about getting plain cushions to go with it. Anything else would be a bit overwhelming. Conversely, if your sofa is plain, opt for some patterned cushions to contrast nicely.

You can also vary the styles and finishes of the cushions you get. For example, there is no need to have them all the same. If you have a plain sofa, get some flowery cushions in different designs to match in. It provides that extra little bit of attraction.


ThrowYou’re not limited to using scatter cushions on your new sofa either. Sofa beds, leather sofas and fabric sofas can all make good use of throws. Some throws are designed to completely recover an existing sofa in a casually fitted way. This might be worth thinking about for parties and other celebrations if you want a quick change of appearance.

In most situations though, you can buy a throw that can be casually folded and hung over the back of the sofa. In this way you can use it to complement the sofa and the cushions you have purchased, while also keeping it handy to use if you wish. You may find yourself grabbing it to use to keep yourself warm on those cold winter nights. What better way to snuggle up on a sofa than this?

As you can see it is worth putting some thought into how leather sofas can be completed by a judiciously chosen throw and some scatter cushions. The same applies to fabric sofas. Whatever you might have and whatever type of material it is made from, you can always find one or two things to add to it to provide those finishing touches you desire. When you apply them you will be able to see how much different and more appealing the room looks as a result.

The above cushion and throw image are from Terry Fabrics.