16th November 2015

Get the Look: Scandinavian Style

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Scandinavian style is becoming a timeless choice for design aficionados around the world. It’s simplicity and admiration for pure design aesthetics and philosophies strikes the perfect balance between practicality and beauty. Here are a few tips for achieving this fantastic look in your home:

Organic Materials


Scandinavian design tends to focus a lot on natural materials, so you’ll want to fill your room with wood, stone and wool. You may also want to include some plant life, really bringing nature into the space and giving it life and colour.

Scandinavian Form and Function

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Scandinavian design is particularly hardworking, getting the maximum comfort and usability out of the space or piece of furniture, without compromising¬†on its look. Hans Wegner’s Mid Century Modern designs are a prime example of this philosophy. So look to include things that are highly efficient and practical as well as beautiful.

Neutral Colours

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In-keeping with the simple and naturalistic feel of the design, the colour palette for such a scheme tends to be light and neutral. Monochrome is also a popular choice. However a modern spin on this colour philosophy is to add one or two bright pops of colour – particularly from plant life or small accessories.

Keep it Clean

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Further to the idea of your space and furniture being practical and efficient, you’ll want to keep things tidy and clear of clutter. Create a fairly minimalist by keeping the space clean and organised, but also by keep the accessories and purely decorative features to a minimum.

Layered Texture

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Not only do you want to create layers of texture from your materials, such as including a wool throw alongside cotton cushions and a sheepskin rug, you can also bring depth to your design scheme through the use of different patterns and shades of colour.