Great Home Workouts to Try in January
14th January 2015

Great Home Workouts to Try in January

By Darlings Of Chelsea

It’s the start of another new year and many people are probably regretting those extra mince pies over the festive season. If you feel as though you need to perk yourself up a little, a home workout could be just what you need. After all, wet, windy, cold and possibly wintry weather is hardly conducive to inspiring you to go outside. So if you’d rather stay indoors, here are some suggestions for creating the best home workouts for you.

Aerobic fitness suggestions

A good cardio workout doesn’t have to last forever. Indeed, the official NHS website recommends a 10-minute cardio routine (in addition to warming up and cooling down) that takes in a selection of rocket jumps, star jumps, tap backs and burpees. None of these require any equipment so you can do them anywhere you like.

Start building muscle while you lose weight

When exercising you want to make sure you’re not losing muscle instead of fat. Fortunately, there are a number of moves you can do that will help you achieve this aim. Furthermore, you won’t need to invest in any expensive exercise equipment.

For example, push-ups and pull-ups are good for helping the chest and arm muscles develop while burning calories and fat. Remember, the more active you are the higher your metabolic rate will be (never a bad thing to boost after Christmas!).

Try some Vinyasa yoga

If you think yoga is just for relaxing, think again. This particular form is said to be capable of burning around 450 calories in an hour. It will work up a sweat but you won’t feel as if you’re worn out by the end of it.

Yoga Pose

This series of six yoga moves helps exercise your entire body. They are called back bend, forward bend, chair, downward-facing dog, plank and cobra. You simply need to go through the entire set in turn between five and 10 times depending on how well you do.

Use a wall

We’ve already focused on the fact you don’t need equipment to make the most of home workouts. However, you can use a wall to help you with this particular home exercise routine.

Go through a routine that incorporates:

  • Shoulder climbers
  • Power push-offs
  • Marching bridges
  • L-handstand step-ups
  • Foot-up split-squats

These are a series of moves that will certainly wake you up and make you feel more alert. And with just one wall to help out and push or position yourself against, it could be just what you need.

As you can see, there are plenty of home workouts you can try if you don’t want to head out in the cold or pay for a gym membership this January. There is really no need for any equipment at all to get a good workout into your day. Whether you do it first thing in the morning or when you get in from work, you’ll soon notice how much better you feel as a result of trying your chosen workout.