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3rd April 2024

Green room ideas – 12 ways to use nature’s palette

By Monika Grzankowska
green lounge with green sofa

Exploring the possibilities of green room ideas in your home can be an exciting endeavour as we grab inspiration from the original design of the natural world. There are a plethora of possibilities ranging from a charming country garden to an exotic tropical paradise, a serene Swiss forest or an emerald-mounted gold ring. Yes, gold and precious stones are nature’s gifts of adornment too. The green of the earth eases our mind and makes us feel calm and replenished so it is natural to desire this effect in our homes. Deep green is also linked to luxury, as it is traditionally associated with the colour of money. The overall outcome for your home will all depend on your chosen green.

1. Choosing your Green 

Given the diverse range of greens, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with what green to elect for the room you will live in. Think about the goals and purpose of the room and what emotions or feelings you would like to evoke. This could range from a calm sage to a vivacious chartreuse.

green colours

If you are exploring green living room ideas, this will affect your choice of green which may differ from the green you would choose for a bedroom or bathroom. Naturally, we are drawn to certain colours and that includes greens. Think about what will be in the room which will need to be paired with your colour choice. 

2. Creating your colour palette

green colour pallette

Creating a mood board is ideal when starting out, to assist you in selecting and refining your choices. You may want to think about the style and what colours will compliment it. When choosing colours for your furniture, avoid trying to match colours with other items. This can make the room look flat and premeditated, rather than a tasteful eclectic look. Picking from nature’s colour palette can be a fail-proof way of selecting colours. Start with a concept and choose an image. Think of your favourite natural scene – a soft sunrise kissing the horizon of green fields, could lead you to pick out a pastel pink with a gold accent paired with a luscious green. Interior designer, Greg Natale, recommends the golden rule of 5 colours when deciding on a harmonious colour palette. Pick out 5 colours from your chosen scene to capture the mood in your room. 

3. Where to place Green 

When deciding on green decor options, think about what colours you would like to be prominent. If you would like green as the dominant colour opt for a green wall or wallpaper. Maybe you prefer green accent pieces such as upholstery, art or ornaments. Perhaps you would like larger pieces of furniture such as green sofas. Using your mood board, investigate the overall look you would like to achieve.

mustard sofa

4. Location

green corner sofa

Consider the style and location of your home. Perhaps you have large windows with scenic views. Carefully select colours and designs that would complement the view, avoiding colours that would overpower the scenery. If you have a particular style in mind, mix it with minimalism. Of course, the colours through the season will change so try colours that would work all year round. 

If you live in the city, bringing nature into the home could be a need for your wellbeing so when you journey home, through heavy traffic or an overcrowded tube journey, you can be transported to the Garden of Eden. Blending traditional and contemporary designs can be an option for those who live in a more traditional home but would like to add an element of freshness throughout their home. This can give new life to your timeless pieces, creating the perfect hybrid.

green wallpaper

5. Patterns 

Patterns can be explored from upholstery to wallpaper and can be the perfect starting point when deciding a colour palette, selecting touches of colour from your feature pattern. If you adore the gardens of the British countryside, opt for floral accent pieces to mimic the pockets of colour sprinkled with flowers. A tropical wallpaper can be an excellent choice for those who enjoy a warmer climate, ranging from fresh vibrant colours to deep rich tones. Make sure to only use patterns compatible with the size and layout of the room to avoid visual overcrowding.

green bathroom

6. Pairing colours

Green can be paired with almost any colour to add layers and sophistication to a room. Pastel pinks paired with dark greens are regaining popularity along with carefully selected vintage pieces. Lean towards dark colours such as charcoal grey, dark navy and black with a gold accent to give a moodier, dramatic feel.

dining room with green walls

7. Wood Panelling 

Wood panelling is a tasteful way to create contrast and depth to a room, creating a feature and a focal point. This can work with numerous styles such as Japandi, Mid Century and many more. It creates layers with texture, and colour and can section off parts of the room, creating a warmer and cosier feel while maintaining style and elegance. This can be incorporated into Green living room ideas, bedroom ideas and even bathrooms. Use it from floor to ceiling to elevate the room or horizontal to lead the eye making the room appear wider. Wood creates a refined sophisticated look while maintaining a natural appearance. 

8. Gold Accent 

green lounge with mustard sofa

Gold and green couple perfectly, establishing a look of regency and luxury. This timeless love affair between green and gold gives birth to sophistication and elegance; captivated through the glimmer of gold lighting fixtures, furniture and decor against soft green fabrics or matt walls.

9. Natural Materials 

Dive wholeheartedly into the concept of bringing nature into the heart of your green room by the use of natural materials such as linen, bamboo and wicker baskets. Maybe strong oak is more your style. Bring in natural scents to mimic the scene you are setting so all your senses are captivated when setting the scene. Carefully select natural materials in line with your concept and style. Layering natural materials will add interest and can be used as part of your colour palette. This can be explored through coffee tables, decor and furnishings.

10. Style

green hallway

Green can work with almost any style ranging from contemporary to traditional. However, your choice of green may vary. If you are after Art Deco, opt for deeper richer greens paired with gold accent pieces. You may want to go for green and gold art deco wallpaper or green upholstery. For mid-century colours, the still alpine forests can significantly enhance the modern aesthetic, complimenting the neutral tones. Japandi can be paired with light neutral colours; experimenting with textures such as bouclé and bamboo, opting for natural materials and plenty of plants. For a traditional style you may have collected mahogany or oak, bring in scatter cushions that feature splashes of colour from paintings in the room. The traditional greens colour palette is diverse; ranging from fresh light greens, soft muted mosses through vivid arsenic to deep, dark forests. 

11. Plants 

Plants are an obvious but brilliant way to bring in the greens of nature. Not only will they add that extra splash of green but will purify the air recreating the fresh, clean air from the outside.

bed with green headboard

12. Lighting

low lighting in bedroom

Lighting can be a perfect way to create more depth, adding more shades to the green selected. It can be useful to soften tones of green for the evening if a more vivid option was chosen to be enjoyed in the day when we are active. Layer with floor lighting and hanging pendants, thinking carefully about what areas of the room to light to create a cosier feel. 

In the Arts, green symbolises harmony, new life and growth. Create harmonious new beginnings in your daily life as you experiment with these various techniques to fashion your vision. Your time at home will be more pleasant as you explore your ideas for your perfect room. Let the room become your muse as you paint your colour palette onto your space. Whether you use natural materials, gold accents, elevate the mood with light, bring life to an old or new style or fill your home with living greenery; transform chaos into order with these new green room ideas.

Author: Esmee Herbert