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26th April 2013

Kitchen Inspiration- 5 Great Kitchen Design Ideas

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in a home, the kitchen presents a unique set of challenges for interior designers. It is a place created for a specific set of functions – cooking, cleaning, storing food and tableware – and yet it is also a social centre, the one room which everyone uses, either together or alone throughout the day. We spend a great deal of time in our kitchens, preparing food, cleaning up and chatting together. One of the key challenges that interior designers face when it comes to kitchen design is making a space which also has to be extremely practical and easy to use, as attractive as any other room in the home: How to match form with function? Here are five great kitchen designs that we feel have achieved the difficult feat of successfully blending innovative and attractive design with all the conveniences that the best modern kitchens can provide. (image source: BS2H Interior Design Resources)

Interesting angles

Jette Kitchen by Wilson Fink

German jewellery and fashion designer, Jette Joop, has recently branched out into kitchen design and created this beautiful modern ‘Jewel’ kitchen for British firm Wilson Fink. Joop has brought her experience in jewellery design to bear to create a kitchen which is both ergonomic and stunningly attractive. We particularly like the bevelled island and units with sides at 11-degree angles.

Traditional English Kitchen Design

humphrey munson kitchen

Traditional doesn’t have to mean old and stuffy, and with this ‘Very English’ design Humphrey Munson has succeeded in creating a kitchen that pairs classic features with a careful and efficient use of space. The kitchen is as practical and functional as any modern design, and yet the detailing and features all evoke a timeless quality. This is a very appealing design for anyone with an old property which needs the very latest in kitchen planning.

Look no handles!

siematic Kitchen Design

Since it first introduced the concept of a kitchen without handles in the early sixties, SieMatic has been at the forefront of sleek kitchen design. Blending smooth surfaces with clean lines and beautiful materials, the new S2 and S3 designs maintain SieMatic’s bold aesthetic to create effortlessly cool modern kitchens.

Solid forms

fly by designspace london

Proving that the simplest designs often require the most attention to detail, this Modulnova FLY kitchen from the respected Design Space London is deceptive in its apparent lack of features. The worktops and storage fronts have been fitted together with such skill that they appear to have no details whatsoever. The result is an elegant and smooth design that has a reassuring sense of solidity. This is the ideal kitchen for anyone who dislikes clutter.

Into the wood

alno kitchen

For those worried that a modern design can make the kitchen appear overly hygienic, it is good to know that the materials need not be sterile or monochrome. We love the kitchens by German firm, Alno, which use lovely textured woods in the surfaces and storage fronts of the units, giving the kitchens a warm and welcoming look and feel.