7th April 2015

London Style: A Selection of Extraordinary Interior Design Ideas

By Darlings Of Chelsea

You know it when you see it, but a great interior design idea can be hard to come up with on your own. Fortunately if you’re looking for a little London style for your own pad, we’ve got some great suggestions and inspiration below.

Contemporary Staircase in Notting Hill

London Style staircase

Interior design London has never looked more thrilling than this modern staircase using a mix of wood, plaster, steel and copper. The plaster has been polished to a stunning finish, and it contrasts with wooden stair treads. Completing the look is a copper handrail to provide a touch of luxury to wrap the whole look up.

Modern Bathroom in Notting Hill

London Style bathroom

This London interior design idea builds the sink into a recess in the wall. The curved edge of the sink ensures it doesn’t protrude too much while still providing lots of appeal. The dark grey tiles are used on both the floor and the walls too, blending beautifully with the rustic appearance of the sink. Just a few accessories are dotted around to soften the look, while bright pink flowers provide a splash of colour.

Mediterranean Wine Cellar

London Style wine cellar

Wine lovers across London will no doubt be envious of this beautifully conceived wine cellar. It shows that interior décor can always be attractive, even when the needs are practical above all else, as they are here. The rich wood of the wine shelves works well in the deceptively small space, while there is room underneath for boxes to be stored safely. Sensitive lighting also provides an understated feel that makes it easy to select the preferred bottle each time.

Eclectic Living Room in Ladbroke Grove

London Style living room

The immediate feel you get from this room is one of light, airiness and space. It’s not the largest of rooms but it makes the most of a light colour scheme on the walls and ceiling. The patio doors can also be opened onto the garden, further extending the space. The fireplace is a focal feature and the more you look around the room the more neat touches you spot. The jumble of cushions on the sofa, the unusual mirror on the wall and the large light fitting all work well to bring this scheme together.

Another appealing living room in Shepherd’s Bush

London Style home

Eclectic interior design ideas seem to be all the rage in London, and here in Shepherd’s Bush, you can see how it should be done. Rich wooden floors provide the perfect base on which to throw together a palette of natural surfaces, textures and colours. A long low unit along one side is understated while providing ample storage. Some well-chosen antique units provide a rich touch and sit well within the overall colour scheme. The light ceiling coupled with the light-toned rug and the mix of wall colours helps to separate the living space out into different areas.

As you can see it has never been easier to get inspiration when you need it most. How will you inject some London style into your property?

All images are courtesy of Domus Nova