18th June 2012

Looking For A Luxury Sofa?

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Connaught Duresta Luxury Sofa

If you are shopping around for high quality, luxury sofa it can be difficult to narrow down the range of choices you have available to you. However, once you set eyes on the Connaught Duresta sofa you will probably find it will shoot to the top of your list.

This is a large and deep sofa that can be placed in an entirely new category thanks to its depth of 124cm. As you can imagine it is far from being identical to any other sofa on the market today, partly because of the added depth and partly because of the high quality, luxury finish that comes as standard.

An impressive range of fabrics to choose from

Most people are happy to be able to select one fabric from a range of many. This is what you get with the Duresta sofas range because the collection has many different books of fabrics to browse through. Each book features a number of distinct collections, such as the vibrant stripes from book two and the subtle natural hues that can be found in book three.

If you wish to see all the fabrics available to select from, all you have to do is to visit Darlings of Chelsea to see the books in their showroom. It is by far the best way to see and feel the outstanding quality of the fabrics available to you. Some are highly textured too, providing an extra depth to the Connaught Duresta sofa that cannot be denied.

Suitable for a wide range of interiors

One of the main things to be aware of when considering this range of Duresta sofas is the sizing. The Connaught Duresta sofa comes in a medium or grand size, measuring either 229cm or 266cm in width, with the generous 124cm depth as standard.

This means it is perfect for large family rooms and open plan living spaces, as it will require a reasonable amount of room around it to make it settle into its surroundings. Indeed the sofa could also be used as a room divider since it is large enough to act as such and benefits from an 85cm height at the rear.

However while large rooms will benefit most from this superb piece, you will find that the design can sit equally as well in a modern property as it will in an older one. The huge range of fabrics in both patterned and plain options ensures you can find the perfect solution to suit your own property.

You will also appreciate the fine finishing touches added to this sofa. Scatter cushions complete the impressive look that can be seen in the Darlings of Chelsea showrooms. These give you the final piece of the puzzle that would lead you to the most desirable and finely crafted sofa you could ever have in your home. If you are in need of a large and welcoming sofa, the Connaught Duresta sofa could be just the one you are looking for.