Loveseats to Fall in Love With

Loveseats, or love seats, fall somewhere between a small, two-person sofa and a large armchair. Popular since as early as the 17th Century, they were originally designed to be occupied by only one person, but were wide enough to accommodate women wearing the huge dresses popular at the time. It wasn’t long, however, before they started to be marketed as loveseats or courting seats, with the explicit assumption that they were designed for two people who were happy to sit squashed close together.

Charnwood Loveseat in Varese Turquoise R10 Charnwood Loveseat in Varese Turquoise R10

What differentiates a loveseat from a small sofa isn’t so much the size, which is subjective and not clearly defined, but the fact that it has only one, large, cushion rather than two. This gives it a distinctive appearance closer to a large armchair, and also makes it much more comfortable and cosy for two people to sit on together.

Harrow Snuggler in Varese Smoke Harrow Snuggler in Varese Smoke

Many loveseats have similar styles and proportions to sofas or armchairs, so they are available in an almost infinite number of different styles. However, certain features are particularly associated with loveseats; particularly rounded arms that encircle the couple sitting in the chair, giving it a very welcoming and intimate feel. Integrated footrests or separate matching footstools are also popular, reflecting the fact that loveseats are as much for curling up in as for simply sitting on.


Great Leather Loveseats

The Chelsea 1.5 Seater Chair is very much the kind of loveseat that falls into the category of looking like, and working well as, a large chair. In leather, it’s an elegant, classic style, redolent of big country-house drawing rooms or libraries. It’s no wonder; the 1.5 seater size makes it more dominant in large rooms. That doesn’t mean it’s not great for smaller spaces, though, and it can work perfectly as the sole or primary piece of furniture in a small room such as a small living room, a study, or even a wide hallway or landing.

Chelsea 1.5 Seater in Old English Hazel Chelsea 1.5 Seater in Old English Hazel

The Chaldon Snuggler is a very different kind of leather loveseat. With its hybrid style; leather body, back, and arms with a fabric cushion, it has a more casual and comfortable feel. It also has a low back designed to be well-covered with scatter cushions, making it incredibly inviting to snuggle up in on a cold evening; alone with a book, with a partner, or just you and the dog.


Reclining Loveseat

If there’s one thing that makes a cosy loveseat even more comfortable and welcoming, it’s having it recline. The New Orbit is designed for comfort at every step, with an integrated footrest, carefully shaped cushions to rest your arms on, and perfectly-positioned headrests. It’s got plenty of room for two people to sit side-by-side, but still takes up less space than a typical sofa, making it a great choice for a small flat, where it easily transitions between a stylish sofa and a recliner so comfortable you’ll find it hard to get out of.

New Orbit Loveseat New Orbit Loveseat

Round Loveseat

A classic round loveseat shape reminiscent of the original designs of the 18th century but with utterly modern stylings, the Isabella Swivel is a fun addition to any home. With the ability to comfortably seat one or two people, and the option to swivel to face different directions, it makes for a really flexible way to support different layouts in a small space. Its simple, geometric shapes give it a clean, sophisticated look that is perfect to brighten up with quirky fabric or unusual colours.

Emily Love Seat Emily Love Seat