New Bed Frame Styles


Darlings of Chelsea is excited to have launched, for the very first time, a range of beds. The beds are made with the same care and attention to detail as our sofas, and with many of the same beautiful fabric options available so you can personalise your bed to your exact tastes. They also come in a range of different styles to suit any kind of interior, and every style range includes other bedroom pieces such as bedside tables and chests of drawers, so you can create a coherent look for your room.

Ottoman Beds

An Ottoman is a low, upholstered and padded box or footrest, often opening up so that the interior can be used as storage. They’re popular in living rooms where they're flat and stable, but padded, surface means they can be used both as a coffee table and a footrest. As the name suggests, an Ottoman bed is like a larger version of these; coming in sizes large enough to sleep on, from a single bed to a super king.

Grey Ottoman Storage Bed Dean Ottoman Storage Bed

Like their smaller counterparts, Ottoman beds have the advantage of being upholstered in fabric, allowing for an enormous range of colours and styles from grey wool to orange velvet. Above all, they make use of all of the space under the mattress, generally with a top that lifts up on pistons, giving easy access from three sides and providing more space even than under-bed drawers. This makes them great for storing items out of the way without wasting valuable storage space, so it’s no wonder they are often popular in apartments or small homes where storage space is at a premium.

Grey Storage Ottoman Bed Cove Storage Ottoman

Another often overlooked advantage of an Ottoman bed is that they come in either one or two single pieces, which you simply need to place a mattress on. This means no assembly is required. They can, however, easily have a headboard added and a number of different styles are available, making it easy to customise your bed to match your tastes.

Upholstered Beds

It should come as no surprise that, with our experience in making beautiful sofas, Darlings of Chelsea is particularly proud of our upholstered beds. An upholstered bed, with a padded headboard in rich fabric and, often, an upholstered body as well, creates a wonderfully cosy and warm feel in a bedroom. They are also, of course, incredibly comfortable to sit in, and have a glamorous look that works beautifully in both classically styled and modern bedrooms.

Perth Upholstered Bed Frame in Shetland Navy Perth Upholstered Bed Frame in Shetland Navy

Very traditional upholstered beds like the Lea have a sumptuous, almost decadent feel to them, with their headboard and foot that wrap around the bed, enveloping it. The rounded shape and deep buttoning evoke classic Victorian furniture designs, and the style works wonderfully in rich fabrics like velvet, as well as dark colours that could offset lighter-coloured bedding.

Lea Upholstered Bed Frame in Indulgence Pearl Lea Upholstered Bed Frame in Indulgence Pearl

At the other end of the spectrum, a style like the Martin is a much more modern, clean-lined type of upholstered bed. With a straightforward, rectangular shape and minimal padding, it is sleek and elegant and looks fantastic in minimalist, contemporary bedrooms.

Martin Headboard in Shearwater Light Grey

Wooden bed frame

The natural look of high-quality, solid wood can look perfect in a bedroom, where it creates a light and welcoming atmosphere that doesn’t overly dominate the room. Instead, it can make for a spacious and peaceful place to sleep, and evoke tradition and craftsmanship. The Mapleton, for example, creates clean, straight lines using solid planks joined together with visible joints, while the Burnett headboard features beautiful parquet walnut.

Mapleton Bed in Oak Mapleton Bed

All of the wooden bed frames are handmade to order from the highest quality hardwood and finished by expert craftspeople using traditional techniques.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds, deriving their name from the dramatic sleigh shape, with extravagant upholstered headboards and slightly smaller foot-ends. Coming in an enormous range of upholstery from rich fabrics to sleek leather, a sleigh bed is always an eye-catching centrepiece for a bedroom, evoking a sense of grandeur and luxury, but also warmth and comfort.

Kendal Sleigh Bed with Linen and charcoal black wood Kendal Sleigh Bed with Linen and charcoal black wood

Sleigh beds come in a wide range of sizes, and most with the option to buy a matching storage ottoman or chaise longue in the same rich upholstery, making for a bedroom suite that feels perfectly put together. Styles include very traditional deep-buttoned fabrics such as the Headley and Hurlingham beds, as well as more contemporary styles such as the clean and rectangular Avoca and the curvaceous Kendal bed. The Kendal bed is even optionally available with exquisite crocodile-effect leather around the headboard.

Hurlingham Bed Frame Hurlingham Bed Frame in Hard Wearing Velvet Asphalt

Divan Beds

Like similar Ottoman beds, a divan bed consists of a simple box frame, without a headboard or foot-end, on which you can place a mattress of your choosing. The style has a number of advantages, most notably the ability to store things in the base; generally using built-in drawers. Divan beds also often take up less space, since they are typically no larger than the mattress that will be placed on top of them, and can be lighter and easier to move around, particularly as they are often mounted on wheels.

Perry Headboard with 2+2 Divan in Berwick Navy Perry Headboard with 2+2 Divan in Berwick Navy

The other great advantage of a divan bed is that its very simplicity means it is extremely easy to personalise; you can choose from a range of fabrics, and you can easily add whatever headboard you like, and even easily change the headboard in the future if you want to adjust your interior design style.

Ascot Divan Drawer Ascot Divan Drawer

No matter what style you choose, it’s always worth investing in a really good bed. You’ll spend more time in it than on any other piece of furniture, and how comfortable and welcoming it feels will have an enormous impact on the quality of your sleep. Handmade beds, carefully crafted, will last years, if not decades, and offer thousands of comfortable nights of sleep.