18th October 2011

Our Top 3 – Chesterfield Sofas For Sale

By Darlings Of Chelsea

An icon of furniture design and a cornerstone of British style, Chesterfield Sofas are a classic leather sofa that has truly stood the test of time.

For decades, Chesterfield Sofas have adorned living rooms with elegance, delivering comfort and style in equal measure. Their understandable popularity has continued in recent years in spite of pressure from more modern designs.

Indeed, while our range of contemporary designer sofas gets plenty of attention from our customers, few styles can rival the Chesterfield sofa in popularity.

Chesterfield Sofas

When it comes to such an icon of design, they say you should accept no imitations – and that’s certainly our belief here at Darlings of Chelsea. That’s why our Chesterfield sofas are handcrafted (right here in the UK) by skilled and experienced craftsmen using only the finest leather hides.

Woodford Chesterfield Sofa


One of our most exceptional Chesterfield Sofas, already proving popular since its recent addition to our range, is the Woodford Chesterfield Sofa.

With its glamorous curved armrests and expansive, deep seat, the Woodford epitomises the luxury of a Chesterfield sofa. Studded detail, often a feature of this particular style of furniture, adds a neat detail.

Like so many of our sofas, the Woodford Chesterfield is available in a range of high-quality leathers. For that authentic, vintage lived-in look, we offer an antiqued leather – hand-rubbed for a two-tone effect that looks stunning in a traditional living room setting.

We also offer naturally distressed leathers, which are given a wax coat for durability while retaining their beautiful natural look on the surface.

Also available are hand coloured leathers, whereby dyes are massaged into the leather before being allowed to dry. We repeat the process as many as six times, creating an entirely unique effect on every piece as the leather absorbs the dye at slightly different rates throughout.

Woodbridge Chesterfield Sofa

Woodbridge sofa


Another of our Chesterfield sofas to benefit from a range of leather and colour options is the popular Woodbridge Chesterfield Sofa. The Woodbridge is one of the most comfortable Chesterfield sofas you could ever wish to experience, making it perfect for everyday use.

It is arguably less dramatic in style than the Woodford, with a somewhat more understated appearance – but the romantic curved arms and studded detail are there, as are the other classic telltale signs of a Chesterfield. It’s a beautifully simple, elegant piece and lends itself to all kinds of living spaces.

Available in all manner of sizes, from a single-seater to a family sofa for four, this is the Chesterfield sofa for all occasions.

Harrington Chesterfield Sofa


Our best-selling of all though is the Harrington Chesterfield Sofa. Exceptionally stylish, the Harrington offers tremendous value and comes in the full range of fabrics.

It’s a range brimming with choice, with single-seat chairs nd of course sofas all available – in a distinctive and classic style.

View the full range of Chesterfield sofas to find your favourite, and see which classic Chesterfield could soon be gracing your living room