5th October 2017

Sleep in Style: Chesterfield Sofa Beds

By Darlings Of Chelsea

The Chesterfield sofa is perhaps the most recognisable and elegant sofa in the world; a timeless classic that’s hardly changed in nearly three centuries. If there’s one innovation that’s especially valuable to people living in smaller modern flats and houses though, it’s being able to have even the most traditional sofa convert into a bed for when guests are staying.

Fortunately, some Chesterfield sofa beds are available, and Darlings of Chelsea offer the beautiful Austin Chesterfield sofa bed option that is indistinguishable from a regular sofa. The three-seater Chesterfield sofa can convert into a standard double bed, making it the perfect option to be able to offer guests a comfortable night’s sleep, without losing valuable space the rest of the time.

How our Chesterfields are made

Making a sofa bed out of a classic design like the Chesterfield, without compromising on its unique features, isn’t an easy task. Due to the deep buttoning on the back and arms, a mattress is needed that can close into a small surface area, so Darlings of Chelsea use a three-fold bed and mattress; one that folds into three parts rather than the more usual two. The mechanism used is the only three-fold mechanism designed to work with a 10cm mattress, ensuring a wonderfully comfortable sleep while still folding neatly away in the morning.

Three Fold Bed Mechanism

Due to the way that sofa bed actions usually slope downwards when folded away, the Chesterfield sofa bed cushions also have to be custom-designed. They have a unique chamfered shape that brings the seat height back up and makes the sofa look externally just like any other Chesterfield.

Choosing rooms and colours

The obvious choice for your sofa bed is to place it in the living room, where the wide range of leather colours that are available as coverings for the Austin Chesterfield, from pink to brown vintage aniline, make it easy to fit into any decorative style.

Byron Leather

Saloon Leather

Selvaggio Leather

Another option that we love, though, is to make the second room into a study with a traditional brown or oxblood leather Chesterfield sofa bed. This is perfectly suited to a study or home office but still gives the option to convert it into a comfortable second bedroom whenever required.


Having a sofa bed means you are slightly more restricted in where you can place the sofa since it will need to have enough room in front of it to extend into a bed. It’s also a bit easier and more comfortable for couples to get into if it’s not placed with one side up against a wall so that there is plenty of room to move around it.


Austin Chesterfield in Antique Red

Regardless of the style of your home, having a Chesterfield sofa is an ambition for a lot of people; a classic luxury item that is the epitome of style and good taste. Being able to get it in a sofa bed version means you don’t have to compromise between the kind of sofa you want for your home, and your need to save space and be able to accommodate guests.