16th April 2015

Sofa Time: Great Music to Look Out for in April

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Has it been a while since you listened to any new albums? Don’t fret – we have some great music suggestions for you if you’re looking to listen to something new. Grab the album of your dreams, load it up and settle back on your sofa for a whole new experience.
the magic whip

The Magic Whip – Blur

This Britpop band was originally famous in the Nineties, but now they’re back with an album that is among the April album releases to watch out for. The Magic Whip is released on the 27th April this year and is sure to be one of the best new album releases of the month. With the help of a producer they worked with back in the day, The Magic Whip contains songs including My Terracotta Heart and Pyongyang.

Find out more: www.blur.co.uk

the day is my enemy - music

The Day is My Enemy – Prodigy

This was released on 30th March and features their signature mix of styles, including alternative and electronic rock and breakbeat. The lead track is the titular track, while other titles include Wall of Death, Destroy and Nasty. Settle back into that sofa and be transported to somewhere entirely different!

Find out more: www.theprodigy.co.uk

mew plus minus

Mew + –

Would you call this album Plus Minus? It’s officially known as +- so this would seem right. It will certainly get people talking, as will the alternative and experimental rock sound this Danish-born band is known for. Released on 27th April the album is the first the band has made in over five years. The third song, The Night Believer, has been released as a single and there are nine more on the album itself including Clinging to a Bad Dream.

Find out more: www.mewsite.com

Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp

Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp

Waxahatchee is probably one of the most unusual names for an indie musician. Her new album, Ivy Tripp, released on 7th April this year, follows the previous album released two years ago. With an indie pop feel fused with punk, it’s a fascinating sound. Indeed the album has been widely acclaimed and words such as dusky and diverse have been used to describe this album, so it’s worth a listen.

Find out more: www.waxahatcheemusic.com

alabama shakes – Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes hails from Alabama, and this rock, soul and blues-style band now has a new album out. This takes another of the album release dates to be announced this month, coming out on the 21st April. The initial single from the album was released back in February and it provided a deep and soulful look into the promise of the new album. It’s the second track on the album after the title track, and there are 10 more to get your teeth into as well.

Find out more: www.alabamashakes.com

The promise of settling back and enjoying the sound and feel of a new album is made better still by snuggling into a good sofa to do it. Get settled, make sure you won’t be disturbed and listen to your chosen new album for the first time. You only ever get one shot at listening to it for the first time after all.