27th August 2019

How To Use Colour To Style Your Sofa

By Darlings Of Chelsea

A sofa will often be one of your biggest investments when it comes to buying furniture, and as a result, requires a lot of thought when it comes to deciding how that sofa will complement your living space and style.

Due to the size and the very nature of most sofas, they tend to be the focal point of your room, with most of your other living room furniture, such as coffee tables, bookcases and television stands, positioned to work effectively and stylistically around it.

Ashdown corner sofa in crushed velvet - stain resistant velvets available

The same goes for colour schemes. To create the right ambience for your room, ensuring the right colour combination between your sofa and the rest of your space can make a real difference – from the colour of your walls to your rugs, accessories and artwork.

If you’re looking for some living room ideas and are not sure where to start, here are a few tips on how to use colour to style your sofa.

Sofa Styles

The type of sofa you choose can make a difference when it comes to styling your room around it. Bigger sofas such as corner sofas, chaise lounges and recliner sofas can command a lot of space and attention, and depending on their colour, may require some colourful accessories to create the right look and feel.

Darwin Sofa with Yellow Cushions

Darwin Sofa with Yellow Cushions

Brighter colours such as yellows, pinks and oranges can be used to complement darker corner sofas, with a selection of sofa cushions creating pops of colour. A lightly coloured rug or living room carpet can act as tonal contrast, with picture frames in lighter shades also ideal companions. Light colours could also be factored in for your wall décor, to ensure your sofa is the star of the show.

A leather sofa is a timeless piece of furniture and can work equally well in a vintage setting as a contemporary one – with colour once again helping to create your environment of choice.


Living Room Paint Ideas

When it comes to living room paint ideas, white walls will create a minimalist, Scandi interior, allowing your leather couch taking centre stage. If white doesn’t create the right vibe, take a look at neutral shades on the colour wheel, all of which will complement tan leather, with muted shades such as light greys, ivory and cream working beautifully with a white leather sofa.

Oslo 3 Seater in Vintage Rangers Leather

Oslo 3 Seater in Vintage Rangers Leather

A leather sofa also provides the opportunity to accessories with some wonderful textiles in the winter, with woollen sofa throws adding some real texture and warmth. And for those who want to make a statement, a sheepskin throw will certainly command attention! For those who want to bring some extra colour into the equation, green foliage can provide a stylish, calming contrast.


Living Room Décor Ideas

When it comes to creating a style for your room, it’s often easiest to start with your sofa, and then decide which accessories and wall colour will complement it. If you have a richly coloured sofa, choose one other main colour for accessories such as curtains, cushions and rugs which can bring the whole look together.

Whinfell Chaise Sofa – Left in Varese Duck Egg R10

Additional accessories such as mirrors, paintings and throws can all be utilised to give extra depth to your décor and help to create a style to suit your home.