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24th September 2012

Autumn Interior Design Ideas

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Mists, early morning frosts, and that chilly feeling when you first get up in the morning are all signs that Autumn is on its way. One of the best ways to overcome any sense of impending gloom is to take a look around your home and celebrate this season rather than let the early dusks and diminished sunlight hours depress you.


This is the perfect time to take a long hard look at your curtains and blinds and to make sure that they complement both your room and your existing interior design. A lot of people use the change of season as a reason to replace these items in order to ensure that they correspond with the design and fabric of your sofas. If you don’t want to carry out a total refurbishment this is a simple way of changing the whole feel and appearance of a room.



It’s quite magical the way that some coloured vases, either with or without flowers, can refract the sunlight or bring extra life to any room in the house. Many of the colours of these modern glass flower bottles reflect the very latest in the season’s trends and so will complement any new elements that you might have introduced into the room. Add some glorious bright flowers to the vase and the effect will be one of cheerful transformation.

Lamps and light shades can also be replaced to match the new colour scheme. Those clever designers at the Pantone Colour Institute suggest complementing neutral tones with bold blazing splashes of colour. Alternatively, why not go completely overboard with lighting and take some of the best ideas from this summer’s London Olympics? The iconic cauldron will affect some imitative lighting ideas that could make their way into your home.

Another useful way of ringing the changes is to invest in some kilims or rugs, these can be hung on either the wall or placed on the floor but the injection of colour that these accessories will bring to any room in the house can only enhance a space.

Autumn Colours

Colours are important, as is fabric; 2012 has seen a resurgence of bright wall colourings complimented with luxurious textile accessories. A number of leading interior designers predicted that the colours of choice this autumn will include, deep blues, bright pinks and (yet again) lime green. Browns and gold have also featured heavily in the style magazines.

Autumn Colour Scheme

An effective way of producing a transformation in the home is to embellish your furniture. Cushions and throws in sumptuous fabrics and contrasting colours to the overall décor will always look effective.


Seasonal changes can be seen as a time of innovation. In order to complete your refurbishment make sure that you have created at least one room in the home that can operate as your very own private space. Furnish this room with books, bold coloured blinds or curtains and enjoy curling up on the sofa and watching a film, listening to music or even reading a good book, the Man Booker prize winner will be announced in October, so now’s the time to invest in some literature.

Shutting out the cold and remembering the summer Olympics with a drink poured from a handmade decanter is a splendid way to relax in your newly decorated home – before you start making plans for Christmas!

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