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Children's Bedroom Ideas - Designing a Children’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom isn’t just a place for them to sleep. It is a place to play, to be inspired and to grow up. So it stands to reason that a great deal of thought should go into decorating it, so the child feels happy and enjoys every moment they spend there. If you need some ideas to help you decorate your children’s bedroom, the tips given below should get you moving in the right direction.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas

Where should you start? The trick is to get as many children’s bedroom ideas as you can. Grab a scrapbook use and some home styling magazines and cut out anything that might offer an idea, a colour or a spark of inspiration. You should also go online and find some websites such as Pinterest with design ideas for children’s bedrooms: you can print off anything you like to add to the scrapbook.

It is so much better if you get your child to offer their own ideas and feedback too. Not only will it bring you closer together, but it also enables them to play an active role in the creation of their room. They’ve probably got a far better idea than you as to what they would want their room to look like. You may have to compromise on a few things but they might actually contribute some ideas that would be worth looking into – things you may not have thought of.

Children’s Bedroom Furniture

A key area to spend some time on concerns the furniture that will be required in the room. Obviously, you’ll need to incorporate the basics – a bed, a wardrobe and perhaps a chest of drawers. However, you might also think about sofa beds – not as a substitute for a normal bed but as an additional item if the room is big enough to warrant it. This makes it easy for them to invite a friend over to stay. They have a spare bed ready to set up, and the rest of the time they have a sofa to enjoy as well.

Children’s Bedroom Furniture

Children’s bedroom furniture should ideally be chosen with the future in mind. If you get solid wood in a bright colour, you can at least strip it back and repaint or stain it as the child gets older. Alternatively, you can go for plain white furniture and put some character into the room by getting wall art or brightly coloured rugs.

You could also opt for bright and funky wallpaper or your choice of paint for the walls because this can be easily painted over once the child grows older and wants something different. Putting character into the accents and accessories is far easier and cheaper than buying children’s bedroom furniture that will be out of date and too young for them in a few short years from now.

As you can see there are lots of tricks and tips that can come in useful when you are decorating a child’s bedroom. How many of these tricks will work for you?

Images via www.modecodesign.com