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Crushed Velvet Sofas: Latest Fashion Trend

Velvet is a beautiful and luxurious fabric woven in such a way as to create a soft, dense pile that makes it both smooth and soft to the touch, and also shiny and attractive visually. It can be made from any material including cotton, wool and silk or silk blends and, because of the complex way it is made, it is traditionally expensive and therefore associated with wealth and luxury. A popular choice for clothing, especially trims and collars, it’s also a very fashionable fabric for sofas and chairs, giving an unusual and eye-catching look as well as an incredibly comfortable feel.

hot pink crushed velvet chaise sofa Arden Chaise Sofa in Vintage Red Crushed Velvet

Crushed velvet is a type of velvet where the fabric is twisted and pressed when wet. This causes the pile to run in different directions, giving it both a unique feel, but also a very distinct look, with areas of light and dark that change depending on the light.

Crushed velvet colour versatility

Crushed velvet has a distinctive lustre and shine that looks fantastic in a range of colours, from pink or blue to grey, silver or even gold. Whatever colour you choose, because of the subtle pattern and changes of shade created by the pile running in different directions, it will never look plain or monotone, even with black or white.

blue crushed velvet sofa Delamere Sofa in Vintage Ocean Velvet

Benefits of crushed velvet sofas

The most obvious reason for choosing a crushed velvet sofa is just how comfortable they are. Luxurious and inviting, velvet tends to feel cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather, and is a great fabric to sink back into when use to upholster soft cushions.

gold crushed velvet sofa Arden Sofa in Vintage Mustard Velvet

As well as their unique look and incredible comfort, crushed velvet is a great choice for a sofa because of the way the patterns in the pile tend to disguise markings or wear and tear. It tends to age better than normal velvet, which develops distinct marks in areas of wear like the arms and the seat, as the pile wears out in places of high use. On crushed velvet, this tends to be disguised by the pattern naturally created by the twisting and crushing process used to make it.

Gold Crushed Velvet on Arden Sofa

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

If there’s one sofa ideally suited to being upholstered in velvet, it’s the classic Chesterfield. Although commonly associated with rich leather, it looks superb in velvet; a Victorian classic in navy blue, dark red or bottle green, an 80s statement piece in pink or purple, or a modern icon in sky blue or white. A Chesterfield sofa in velvet can be suited to any space or design style, and will always be eye-catching. Crushed velvet works particularly well with a sofa like the Chesterfield, where the natural pattern of the fabric accentuates the curves created by the deep buttons and rolled arms.

purple crushed velvet chesterfield sofa Charnwood Sofa in Vintage Dewberry Crushed Velvet

Whatever kind of sofa you are looking for, it’s always great to consider options a little less ordinary, and velvet is a perfect way to both make a statement and also add some comfort and luxury to your home.

Arden Crushed Velvet Detail