19th December 2014

DÉCOR: 5 Great Ideas for a Home Cinema Room

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Many of us have dreamed of having a home cinema room at some point. If you’re fortunate enough to have a room big enough that isn’t currently being used for much else, you could be closer to realising that dream than you think.

Maybe one of these ideas would suit your needs, enabling you to realise what it is you want to achieve.

Simple and elegant design with a generously sized L-shaped sofa

cinema room with purple rug

You don’t need lots of seating to create a home cinema. Keeping things simple works really well too. You’ll need a large wall-hung TV to create the look you want, complete with speakers of course (ideally surround and ideally recessed into the walls).

Add in an L-shaped sofa and perhaps a home bar at one end of the room if you have space, and you’ve got the perfect home cinema experience.

Split-level design for a more realistic look

cinema room with rhino on screenIf

you’re fortunate enough to have the room for three or more rows of sofas (add a chaise to each end for the ultimate in luxury), you can add tiers to the floor to ensure everyone can see the screen at the end. Curtains on either side of the screen create an authentic look!

Scaled-down experience with movie stars on the cinema room walls

cinema room with wall art

The above idea can be brought into play with just two tiers if you have less room. Add a sofa on the upper level and two armchairs on the lower level towards the front. Find some large prints of movie stars and frame them to hang around the room. Dark wallpaper works well in a home cinema room too, since it doesn’t distract from the movie once the lights go down.

A more communal experience

large cinema room with two sofas

You don’t have to have rows of seating to welcome everyone into your home cinema room. Instead, invest in a large chaise-end sofa for either side of the room, so they face and match each other. A large communal footstool in the centre can be used by everyone, while the attention is drawn to the giant movie screen at the end of the room. Appropriate movie prints on the walls and spotlights at the end provide the extra finishing touches.

The bar, the seating, the mood

cinema room with purple buttoned pouff

Even a single large L-shaped sofa works well in a cosy home cinema room. A small bar can still be provided at one end of the room, complete with bar chairs, while a large footstool is ideal for magazines, snacks and of course feet! The large wall-hung TV is ideal for all your favourite movies while the wooden floor is softened up with a large deep-pile rug.

Whatever size room you have to work with for your cinema room, you can definitely create something you will love to use often. As the perfect place to welcome friends and family to, you can always enjoy a great experience there. Size isn’t everything – all you need is a keen eye for a great design.

Title Image: Olive Audio Visual