5th February 2021

Get the Country Living Room Look using These Sofas & Chairs

By Darlings Of Chelsea

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the heart of the city or out in a rural village – in recent years, country living rooms have captured people’s imaginations. That combination of rustic charm and the essence of bringing the outside in, alongside a real sense of cosiness and warmth, has seen country interiors dominate Pinterest boards and its popularity looks set to continue its surge in 2021.

If you’re keen to get on board and are looking for country living room ideas, here are some sofas and chairs to give you that country living room look.

 A Chesterfield Sofa to Provide Rustic Elegance

Offering a timeless aesthetic, a leather Chesterfield sofa brings with it that rustic charm. Take a traditional sofa like the Stirling, and mix with textures such as chunky throws and brightly coloured cushions to bring that country-style glamour to life. Over time, as the leather ages, it will only add further character to your country’s look.

Express Yourself with an Accent Chair

If you already have a sofa and are looking to bring just a touch of country style to your living space, an accent chair could be the answer. Not only does it draw the eye, but they are also an opportunity for you to add some of your personality to your living room. A chair like the Duresta Trafalgar is available in numerous fabrics and colours with its pattern bringing a sense of fun and quirkiness into the room.

Think Colour Palettes

Country living rooms are awash with natural textures from wooden floors and furniture to linen fabrics and a neutral colour palette. If you’re looking to add an occasional chair to your living space, look at your surroundings and match your chair to its environment, using natural materials to create that sense of homeliness.

It Doesn’t Have to be Old-Fashioned

The word country style can conjure up images of old-fashioned interiors. However, it is possible to have a modern country living room, with sleek, more streamlined sofas like the Skye in Harris Tweed offering a more refined option.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix-and-Match

If you’ve ever browsed through any country interior magazines before, you’ll have seen that country style isn’t afraid to mix things up. It’s not unusual to see three entirely different styles of chair or sofa in a room using different fabrics or even differing accessories. There may be a striped sofa, sat opposite a leather accent chair or some country floral sofas interspersed with some neutral, occasional chairs.

Vintage can sit comfortably alongside modern in a farmhouse living room – don’t be afraid to mix up your interiors. If it feels right to you, it’s right.