16th February 2021

How to Decorate with a Mustard Sofa

By Darlings Of Chelsea

When choosing the interiors for your living space, the choice of colour usually features near the top (if not the very top) when it comes to deciding on the look and style of your room. And over the last few years, mustard yellow has been a real contender to make a design statement. Bold, warm and bursting with positivity and charm, it’s a shade which can really make a difference to any design, whether you use it as the main colour or an accent colour.

If you are looking for mustard sofa living room sofa ideas, here are a few tips on how you can decorate.

Going for Grey

The beauty of mustard is that it works well with many other colours with grey offering the perfect contrast. Depending on the shade, grey walls can provide a dark, neutral element to your space, with a mustard velvet sofa like the Holland providing a bright, welcoming contrast. If you choose a lighter grey, creating a more relaxed, calming atmosphere, the mustard will give a more mellow ambience.

While grey is a popular choice to partner with mustard, it’s not the only colour worth considering. Navy blues can offer a classic, elegant backdrop, while whites can help create a crisp, fresh canvas to help a mustard sofa take centre stage.

Think Neon

If you’re going to have a brightly coloured sofa, look at adding some other bright colours to your living space that will complement and contrast with your mustard sofa. Perhaps some neon pink, bright blue or orange – whether through art on your walls or cushions on an accent chair, it can create a real sense of playfulness and positive vibes.

While neon can seem bold and perhaps a little brash, used sparingly, it can make a real difference. It is the perfect companion for wood, whether it’s a bright blue lampshade on a wooden stand or a neon pink chair with wooden legs.  Finally, introduce some greenery using houseplants to help create a tropical vibe.

Small is Beautiful and Effective

If you have a smaller living room and are looking for ways to create depth in your living space, mustard can have a positive impact. With white walls creating a bright, airy aesthetic, a mustard two-seater sofa like the Exmouth can bring the room to life.

If you’re worried that a mustard sofa might be too overwhelming in a small space, there are many ways of incorporating it into your design – whether it’s an accent chair, cushions or perhaps a lampshade. Start small and see how you feel – building up the amount of colour in your room over time.

The Industrial Effect

If you have exposed bricks in your living room, a mustard sofa can provide the perfect contrast to create an industrial aesthetic. Add some darker furniture, whether it’s a table, bookcase or television stand, to help your sofa really stand out. A mustard leather sofa like the Sloane provides a stylish, charismatic addition to your space, and offers a real point of difference against a more industrial backdrop.

Stylistically, a Chesterfield sofa also complements an industrial interior. Whether you choose a velvet mustard Chesterfield sofa or a leather Chesterfield sofa, this timeless piece of furniture will turn heads.

Creating Warmth

While some shades of yellow can really pop, mustard yellow is more about creating a rich, warm environment. It’s a soothing colour, and on a sofa, it creates an open invitation to melt into it and relax. If you really want to embellish that warmth, you can extend it across your space by using warm woods, as opposed to light or white-washed woods. Add burnt oranges to your colour palette, creating an almost autumnal vibe – the perfect place to hibernate in on darker nights!

Layer Up

If you think mustard works well as part of your colour palette, why not really go for it and layer up your space with different shades of the same colour? If you choose a mustard corner sofa, look at a mustard rug or mustard lamp – just in slightly lighter or slightly darker shades, pulling your design together to create a warm, inviting space.

Go Retro

This isn’t the first time mustard yellow has been in fashion. It was also the colour of choice in the 1920s and 1960s/70s. So, if you’re looking to go retro, mustard yellow would be a great option! The mid-century modern design focussed heavily on earthy colours, with furniture all about clean and simple lines, tapered legs and curved shapes. A mustard yellow sofa like the Studio ticks all the boxes, offering curved edges, button detailing and wooden legs.

If you’re inspired by the 1920s and want to create an Art Deco-inspired interior, your living room will need to focus on luxury and sophistication. It’s about pairing furniture with materials such as chrome and glass and darker woods like mahogany. Geometric lines should feature and think about bold colours and contrasts. A mustard Chesterfield sofa like the Dulwich oozes luxury and sophistication, whisking you back to the glamour of the 20s but working beautifully in a modern home at the same time.


If you’ve decided that a mustard sofa is for you, you also need to spend time working out what is best to accessorise it with. As well as colours like grey, blue, white, orange and neons, it’s worth adding gold into the mix! Gold accessories can really bring that feeling to life, whether through picture frames, mirrors or pendant lights.

So, there you have it. Mustard has shown itself to be versatile, warm, inviting and positive. It’s up to you how you compliment your mustard sofa and what you contrast it with. The good news is there are plenty of choices, plenty of images to take inspiration from and plenty of mustard sofas to choose from!