4th June 2018

Get Ready for Summer Season with a Yellow Sofa

By Darlings Of Chelsea

When you’re looking to refresh your living room with a bright, summery feel, there are few colours that do that as well as yellow. A lively, bold colour that feels fresh and warm without being overpowering, it is commonly associated with positivity, happiness and creativity; so could anything be more perfect for your main living space?

Working with a yellow colour palette

Using a yellow colour palette gives you a huge range of options depending on the style you want to create and the tone you want to set. From pale pastel yellow to rich champagne, or the more vibrant tones of mustard or sunflower yellow, the flexibility of yellow is part of what gives it its charm.

It’s very easy to set a bolder yellow on a paler yellow background, for example a bright sunflower-coloured sofa on a pastel yellow rug, or against champagne wallpaper. Combined with complimentary cushions or other accessories, the whole effect works brilliantly together.

Yellow leather sofas

True, bright, yellow is an unusual and quite hard-to-find colour for leather sofas, but that’s no reason to avoid it. When it can be found, it’s a real statement option that will always draw the eye. Even if mustard or sunflower yellow isn’t available, a more subtle champagne shade is almost always an option and makes for a beautiful background to more brightly-coloured cushions or throws.

Yellow velvet sofas

Fortunately, yellow in a whole range of shades is always an option in velvet. It lends itself particularly well to darker, mustard or even almost orange shades, but still looks great with bright or pastel yellows. Try offsetting it with turquoise or pastel blue, either for cushions or for surrounding colours like rugs, walls or curtains.

Don’t forget to also consider crushed velvet; it looks fantastic in yellow, creating a soft and shimmery effect that is perfectly suited to bright and bold colours like yellow.

Yellow modern sofas

Brighter and more vibrant yellows are wonderfully well-suited to modern sofas with their bold, square shapes and, often, chrome structure and supports. The simple, elegant shapes of a modern sofa work well with plain fabrics light wool, but linen can also be a great choice for a bright, summery yellow sofa.

Modern yellow sofas go beautifully with grey, for a contemporary colour palette; try grey cushions or a lightweight grey throw. Match the depth of the grey to the yellow; so an especially bright yellow might need a dark charcoal to offset it, while a subtle pastel yellow could work really nicely with a pale grey.

Yellow sofa cushions

You may not be quite ready to opt for a whole new sofa, but there are other ways to bring a bit of summer into your living room. Yellow sofa cushions are a great way to liven up your existing colour scheme without too much cost or effort. Fortunately yellow goes with a whole range of popular sofa colours, include blue, white, and grey, so there’s a good chance it could be an option that will work with the furniture you already have.

Darwin Sofa with Yellow Cushions

So, whether you’re in the market for a new sofa, or just thinking of changing your living room style away from the cosy winter retreat you turn it into for most of the year, give some thought to bringing a bit of positivity, brightness and happiness into your home with a few splashes of yellow!