Great Ways to Display Your Family Photos
30th September 2014

Great Ways to Display Your Family Photos

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Most people have photos of their families somewhere in their home. However, while this is a great idea there is no need to use the traditional ways of displaying them. You can get creative if you really need to, as you’ll see here.

Displaying Many Photos

hanging photos

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It’s nice to use a large frame to display a single photo, but you don’t need to stop there. Why not use a large section of the wall to create a bigger display?

Depending on how much room you have you can display lots of frames equidistant ffrom one another. Think in grid-like patterns – three frames down by seven frames along for example. Alternatively, you can make a big display by using assorted sizes of frames that are all of the same style and design. This works as individual pieces as well as looking like a cohesive whole.

Re-use old and large photo frames or mirror frames

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Sometimes it is nice to repurpose something to get a completely new use out of it. If you have got an old photo frame or even the frame of a mirror lying around, transform it into something new. Nail some wooden strips to the back of it or use thick material in the same fashion. You can then peg some photos directly to these strips to create something rustic, unusual and totally unique. Each frame can probably take five or six themed photos if it is big enough.

Try using picture rails

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Do you hate hanging individual pictures next to each other and trying to make them look just right? Picture rails provide a great alternative. You can choose whether to affix one to the wall or whether to have two or three on top of each other. All that remains is to use a variety of pictures of your family in a variety of frames. You can use identical frames throughout – ones that contrast with the picture rails are lovely – or go for a mix.

Go for the unusual

photo lampshade

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Sometimes you need to think outside the box to get a truly inspirational solution – and that can mean ditching the frames altogether. One homeowner decided to display some family photos by attaching them to a plain lampshade. They ended up with a nice display quite unlike anything else. This could be done with any lampshade and a few spare photos. What could you achieve?

Go for something basic and rustic

wood and wire photo gallery

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Sometimes, the easiest ideas turn out to be the best. Everyone wants their photo displays to look wonderful. Sometimes you want something that can easily be changed from time to time too. This display really fits the bill. The creator has used lengths of wood affixed to the wall and attached taut lengths of wire to each one. Metal clips were then attached at equal spacing along each one, and a picture was attached. The photo shows keepsakes attached, but this would work equally well with photos of the family.

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