Stylish Comfy Cushion Ideas for Your Home
16th October 2014

Stylish Comfy Cushion Ideas for Your Home

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Cushions are much-used in the home and yet often underestimated in their importance. The good news is there are cushion designs for every room in your home and they vary more than you might think in size, type, style and appearance.

Great sofa cushions that complete your desired look

No self-respecting sofa would be complete without some cushions, would it? If you want to show off your quirkiness buy something completely different such as these biscuit cushions. They’re unusual, very comfy and calorie-free too!

On the other hand something more personal to the people living in a property can work well. Personalised cushions are becoming more and more popular, and they can be designed to commemorate a particular date, such as this vintage Mr and Mrs sofa cushion.


If you have pets in the family you could even buy a scatter cushion or two to remind you of them. Take this amusing cat cushion for example – your cat might even adopt it as their bed!

Don’t discount the convenience and casual appearance of a floor cushion

Large floor cushions work so well in a variety of situations. Imagine them in the corner of a large lounge for example, or in the children’s playroom if you have one.

Floor cushions are typically much larger than your average cushions, providing an extra place to sit, lounge or relax, perhaps with a good book. The quirkiest ones we’ve found are these pebble-style pillows. They really would make you feel as though you’re relaxing in the world’s softest riverbed, wouldn’t they?

As you can see the shape of large cushions for the floor can be quite unusual. The materials used are generally more robust too, to match the use for which they are intended. A great example of a more hardwearing floor cushion is this crocheted design on Etsy. One end is closed at right angles to the opposite end, providing an unusual shape and one that is ideal for sitting back and relaxing in.

Cushions suitable for different rooms

While a particular cushion may look perfect in one room it could look completely out of place in another. A good example is this keepsake cushion that would look right at home in a young girl’s bedroom. It provides an inspiring message that would suit pastel décor.

Another great example of finding the right cushions for the right rooms comes via this outdoors-themed cushion spreading a message of hope. Wouldn’t this look superb nestled into the corner of a sofa in a conservatory?

In short it doesn’t matter which room you need cushions for or how many you need. There are so many inspired designs out there you’re sure to find the right mix for you. You might opt for a selection of complimentary designs to use on a single sofa or go for a varied collection throughout your home. Whatever you choose you’re sure to be delighted with the end result – and the comfort those cushions bring.

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