5th April 2022

The Hellenistic Revival What We Can Learn from Greek Interior Design

By Darlings Of Chelsea


There has always been a fascination with ancient Greece, from enthralling mythology to impressive archaeology and mesmerising whitewashed stucco walls, so it’s not surprising that it is once again in the spotlight, with people keen to incorporate some Greek chic into their interiors.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate some Greek-style décor into your aesthetic, here’s our handy guide, which appeals to a wide range of home interior enthusiasts, from Gen Z to the Baby Boomer Generation.

What is Greek-Style Interior Style?

There are several principles that define ancient Greek style, and the good news is that you don’t have to follow them all to infuse Greek aesthetics into your home. Instead, choose which elements suit you and your interiors and start there. Here are just some of those key principles:

1. Ancient and Modern Greece Interior Characteristics

In both ancient and modern-day Greece, key interior design characteristics include:

. Bright, whitewashed walls – an easy element to replicate in your home.

. The use of wood, in panels and beams.

. And that vibrant bright blue colour, which immediately transports you to the likes of Santorini and Rhodes. Consider introducing this colour into your interior – either through the likes of accessories such as artwork and rugs or go for a bigger impact by choosing a bright blue sofa to create a contrast with your white walls.

2. The Greeks Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key – with soft lines and elegant curves forming the foundation of Greek design. When choosing new furniture, consider whether that softness can be introduced here, perhaps through either:

A rounded sofa.

A stylish chair.

Or a table.

PHOTO CREDIT: https://theinteriorsaddict.com/

3. Greek Busts

Whether you’ve seen them in a museum, on the TV or on your holidays to the Greek Islands, Greek busts are bound to have made an appearance and they’re now becoming ever popular in-home interiors. From small busts for your mantlepiece to larger busts that take centre stage, choose a size that works in your space and pay homage to the likes of Aphrodite and Zeus at the same time!

4. Vessels – The Greek Amphora

A Greek-style interior design wouldn’t be complete without a vessel or two. Use it as a standalone piece of art or add some greenery to it to make a stronger connection – the choice is yours.

PHOTO CREDIT: https://www.ihil.net/

5. The Parthenon

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Athens, you’ll be aware of the Parthenon, which has towered over Greece’s capital city since 447 BC. One of the most prominent elements of its architecture is the columns that surround it – which play a part in all their temples and government buildings and have now become a popular feature in modern interiors. Whether utilising it as a plant stand or a standalone sculpture, a column is a stylish nod to the Hellenistic period.

PHOTO CREDIT: https://neoskosmos.com/

6. Greek Art

A more subtle way to incorporate Hellenistic art into your home is to make use of the Greek key print. Whether it’s through your upholstery or artwork, this print will bring some real character to your space.

Further Inspiration on Greek Interior Design

If you’re looking for further inspiration, check out interior designer Mat Sanders on Instagram (@thematfinish) – who has shared his love of Greek chic and modern Greek interior design, or head to Pinterest and search for the likes of “Ancient Greek Aesthetic” or “Corinthian Column” and enjoy browsing! If online research isn’t quite doing the job, plan your next holiday to the Mediterranean and you can see Greek interior design first hand!