23rd December 2020

How to Decorate with a Curved Sofa and Chair

By Darlings Of Chelsea

In recent years, there has been a move towards curved furniture, with its soft lines offering the perfect contrast to the clean/bold lines of contemporary sofas and chairs.

There are plenty of different options out there for those who want to bring some curved furniture into their living space but if you’re looking for some ideas on how to decorate with a curved sofa and chair, here’s some food for thought!

Working with Space

If you’ve got your heart set on a curved sofa, the first thing to do is to work out where the is the best location for it in your room. With a rounded sofa, while it will look the part against a wall – there are plenty of other options to consider.

If you plan to have your sofa freestanding in the middle of your room, a rounded sofa would work perfectly, or you may be looking for a curved sofa for a bay window – again the shape would work well against this backdrop.

If you are looking for a curved corner sofa or a curved Chesterfield sofa such as the Dulwich, when placing this in the corner of your room, the curve will allow extra space between the wall and chair, giving you room for the likes of a floor lamp, without taking up any additional room.

Bedroom Ideas

Curved furniture has a real softness to it, perfect for a bedroom if you’re trying to create a feeling of cosiness and warmth. While there may not be room for a sofa, you may have room for a curved chair, perfect for curling up on with a good book.

A rounded chair like the Orbit offers that perfect combination of style and comfort, with a swivel and reclining function and it even rocks back and forth! If you want something a little more formal, such as a curved armchair, the Preston Chair offers elegance, comfort and a softer, curved style, with its rounded back and buttoned fabric.

Add Mid-Century Appeal

Ironically, mid-century design is more popular now than it was mid-century, with programmes like Mad Men showcasing the concept at its very best. Think beautifully constructed furniture, which is both efficient and functional but also incredibly comfortable.


Sleek, clean lines define this era and mid-century modern sofas can have a real impact within your space, and the good news is that there are curved sofas which tick the mid-century box. If you’re interested in a small, curved sofa, the Banbury has small, curved arms with deep cushions to offer the ultimate level of comfort.

A curved loveseat like the Studio Oval Cuddler even has a curved footrest to match!

Mood and Colour

The soft lines of a curved sofa can help to create a certain mood/ambience in your living space and the use of colour can help to further define that aesthetic. Lighter colours tend to create a more calming environment, such as whites, creams, and greys.


A cream or grey curved sofa will not only bring a certain level of calm and elegance to your space, but it also acts as the perfect backdrop to bring a pop of colour through accessories such as cushions, rugs and artwork.

Bolder colours bring a lot of energy into your space and can be used either on your walls, your furniture, or your accessories.

Additional Living Room Accessories

If you’re planning to add some curved furniture to your living space and build your aesthetic around the softness of its lines, it’s worth looking at accessories that will complement your design.

If you bring a rounded sofa into your space, why not look at a curved chair and then add a round table in the middle? As well as tables, there are also pouffes which can add to the effect.

Having more than one piece of curved furniture in your living room can create an incredibly sleek and dramatic effect.

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