31st December 2020

The Ultimate Sofas and Chairs to Welcome in the New Year

By Darlings Of Chelsea


It’s fair to say 2020 hasn’t been quite the year anyone was expecting and with the new year-round the corner, 2021 presents a chance to do all those things we weren’t able to this year, from spending time with friends, taking trips away and just getting out and about!

We’ve all spent a lot of time in the comfort of our own homes, which has given some of us time to reflect on our living space and look at how we may want to change it.

If you are planning a refresh and are looking for some inspiration, here’s a guide to the ultimate sofas and chairs to welcome in the New Year.

Family-Friendly Sofas

If you want to buy a new sofa in 2021 and are looking for something that suits all the family, there are plenty of family-friendly sofas to choose from. There are a few factors to consider, the two main ones being material and size. With young children comes a potential risk of spillages, which can influence the choice of material to go for. Leather is the easiest to clean, with a quick wipe with a damp cloth removing any stains.

Top 10 Family-Friendly Sofas

In terms of size, if you have a large family, a 2 seater sofa might be a bit of a squeeze (unless you have additional chairs), and you might find a 3 seater sofa, a 4 seater sofa or a corner sofa a better option. The Haymarket sofa is the perfect family sofa, offering deep cushions to relax back into, and plenty of room for all the family to snuggle up together.

Another option for a family sofa is to consider sofa covers – removable and washable – they provide that added bit of reassurance if you are worried about the potential for a spilt drink.

A Sofa for Two

If you’re looking for living room ideas for a slightly smaller space, a sofa for two makes sense – it may be a more compact two-seater sofa like the Brighton, which has a mid-century modern design and brings a real sense of style to any interior.

If you’re looking for more of a snuggle chair, a love seat is a perfect sofa for two people who like sitting close to each other! The Charnwood Love Seat is the perfect combination of style, comfort and doesn’t take up too much room – if you want that extra bit of luxury, why not order the footstool, kick off your shoes and put your feet up?

Sit Back with a Cinema Sofa

We’ve all spent a lot more time at home this past year, which might have given you time to read that book that’s been on your list for ages or watch that box set you’d never got round to. It’s also given us time to watch a lot of films, with cinema rooms becoming a lot more popular. And with a cinema room, comes a cinema sofa!

Think deep-seated cushions, the ability to lean back and relax, either with a cinema sofa recliner such as the Hugo, which allows you to practically lie down, or a chaise sofa like the Galloway, which enables you to either sink into its cushions or stretch out on the chaise element of the sofa.

For more ideas on cinema room sofas, check out our blog on the sofas that can bring the movie experience to your home!

Sofas and Chairs for Small Gatherings

After being unable to see our friends at our houses for most of 2020, it would be no surprise if social gatherings are a key focus for 2021.

If you’re planning your living room design to accommodate small gatherings, why not consider a collection of sofas and armchairs? By having more than one chair, you could choose a few different types of material which work together – such as fabric sofas like the Darwin, paired with a leather armchair like the Canterbury.

Different sofa materials can come together with the use of the same scatter cushions, throws or blankets, with the whole aesthetic created an eclectic one.

Out with the Old, In with the New

If new year ambitions include a room declutter, then it’s worth planning how to remove some of your older furniture/accessories to make room for any new arrivals. There are numerous ways you can do this.

If you have an old sofa that needs to go, we can take it for a small fee when delivering your new sofa. Alternatively, various charities such as the British Heart Foundation will collect it (depending on the condition and fire-retardant labels). Another option is to sell it on websites such as Gumtree or eBay.

Finally, if your furniture isn’t in the best condition, there is always a trip to the tip!