4th January 2021

Top Sofa Colour Trends Coming Up in 2021

By Darlings Of Chelsea

In a year that has seen us spend more time at home than ever before, there was an inevitable rise in DIY and home improvements. After all, if you’re going to be staring at the same four walls day in day out, it’s more enjoyable if you like the walls you’re looking at, isn’t it?

Rose pink was a colour of choice for many in 2020 and a neutral palette continued to offer its timeless appeal. Blues also came into their own, helping to create a more tranquil atmosphere, which, in a time of unease, is most definitely welcome.

The question is, will those colours continue to prove popular next year, or will there be a new shade or trend that comes to the fore?

If you’re looking to gather some ideas and inspiration for your living space for the new year, here are the top sofa colour trends coming up in 2021.


While pink was a force to contend with in 2020, its popularity shows no sign of waning in 2021. Not only does a soft pink, such as a rose-pink sofa, bring a real warmth to your interior, it also works well as a contrast to bolder colours such as dark blues, greens and even a bright lemon yellow. Velvet continues to hold its appeal, with a sofa like the Whinfell in a shade such as Petal providing equal measures of comfort and elegance.

Duresta Lansdown Sofa


The beauty of white is that it can be paired with any other colour and work perfectly. Scandi design has been the choice for many in recent years and that looks set to continue in 2021. With a minimalist, functional design that still incorporates a feeling of cosiness through natural textures and layers, why not choose a white sofa like the Elena, with leather the perfect choice to pair with chunky knitted throws and faux fur rugs.


This year has seen a real need to bring elements of the outdoors in – whether it’s through plants, furniture or colour – having some greenery indoors has had a positive impact on many people’s wellbeing. Numerous shades of green will continue to prove popular in 2021, from the more sumptuous emerald green sofas to more muted greens, such as a grey-green shade like the Juniper fabric on the Charnwood sofa.

Harrow Snuggler


Blue made it onto many people’s radar in 2020 and it will continue to be the choice for many in 2021. More muted shades of blue work perfectly with rose pinks but deeper, richer shades will also continue to make their presence known, providing a luxurious feel to your living space. Whether you go for a purple sofa or a blue sofa like the Holland, the deeper shades bring a sumptuous aesthetic to your room.

Neutral Sofa Colours

A neutral colour palette will always be high on people’s lists, with shades of grey, cream and beige creating a sense of calm, proving the perfect backdrop for some bolder splashes of colour. A grey sofa like the Darwin offers timeless appeal, allowing you to change the room around it, safe in the knowledge it will contrast beautifully with its new environment.