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Pink Sofa Living Room Ideas


While the idea of incorporating pink into your living room design palette may feel like a bold choice, don’t be put off.

      Pink is no longer just associated with the likes of Barbie, bubblegum and candy floss but instead is a surprisingly versatile colour that blends beautifully with numerous colours, textures and patterns and can be used in a whole number of styles, creating anything from a calm, relaxed atmosphere to a contemporary dynamic one.

If you’re trying to figure out if a pink sofa could work for you, here’s some pink sofa living ideas to help you decide.

Material Girl

If you’re thinking pink, then it’s time to think of sofa material. Pink doesn’t throw down any limitations when it comes to sofa material – leather, fabric and velvet are all available in pink in a wide range of styles, sizes and budgets. It largely depends on how you want to style your living space and what role you want your sofa to play within it.

Pink velvet sofas have become incredibly popular in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. Velvet, and in particular, crushed velvet, brings a real depth when it comes to colour – a pink velvet sofa will provide a real statement piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for something contemporary that will pop against a more neutral or monochrome background, then a pink crushed velvet sofa would do the job! If you’re looking for a more muted tone, that brings with it a sense of chic elegance, a blush pink sofa in a Chesterfield style will bring a real sense of luxury and sophistication. The beauty of velvet is the sumptuous, inviting nature of the material, and in pink, it simply oozes appeal.

If velvet isn’t quite right for your living space or perhaps your lifestyle, a fabric sofa offers a stylish, more family-friendly alternative. Pink fabric sofas are available in a real plethora of textures, shades and styles, from a cotton-linen blend such as the effortlessly chic Amy, offering both style and comfort with a chaise longue, to a more traditional Harris tweed or a linen mix such as the Dulwich petit sofa. And size also offers no limitations, with pink corners sofas, chaise lounges and pink modular sofas all available to factor into your decision making.

While leather sofas traditionally tend to come in more neutral colours, such as browns, blacks and creams, there are several pink leather sofas which would most definitely take centre stage in any living space.

Combining the timeless style of a leather sofa with a contemporary shade brings a real wow factor, with the added benefit of leather providing you with some real longevity if looked after properly. A leather sofa is a real investment which will stand the test of time, so you need to make sure the colour you choose not only fits into your current surroundings but will work well into the future.

Thinking Pink Sofa: Which Shade To Go For

While deciding to go for a pink sofa may feel like the decision has already been made when in fact, it’s only just the beginning. A marriage between red and white, red and blue or red and orange, the colour pink itself is a tint and it has a multitude of different shades to choose from, creating a whole new set of design questions for you to consider.

It has only been the last few years that pink has come to the forefront in interior design. In 2016, Pantone chose Rose Quartz as one of its two colours of the year, while in 2017, Millennial Pink dominated Milan Design Week. More recently, Dulux named Heart Wood as their colour for the year in 2018.


And its popularity is showing no sign of slowing down, quite the opposite in fact, with pale and dusty pinks stepping confidently into the spotlight, becoming key colours in interiors, design and even homeware.

To navigate your way through the maze of pink sofas now available, try to think about the ambience you want to create in your space. A relaxing, calm environment will need a more neutral pink, such as a blush or a dusky pink sofa, with the likes of powder pinks and millennial pinks bringing a brighter, more energising feel to a room.

For those who want to make an impact, there are bolder colours, such as fuchsia, magenta and hot pink. If a dark pink sofa appeals but you’re worried it might be too overwhelming, a smaller pink armchair would provide a perfect contrast to a more neutral or monochrome piece of furniture, whilst still bringing that real burst of colour.

Studio Lounger Sofa in Hard Wearing Velvet Peony Studio Lounger Sofa in Hard Wearing Velvet Peony

What Works Well With Pink?

The beauty of pink is that it is not difficult to pair it with your décor, quite the opposite in fact. There are very few colours that won’t work with pink, and it proves to be just as suitable a companion for an industrial-style décor as it does for a traditional setting or a more Scandi design. It’s more about looking at the different shades of pink because this can make a difference to the ambience of your room


Pale Pink Sofa

Pale, dusky and blush pinks are very much the go-to colours and their versatility opens up a whole world of options when it comes to pairing with other colours. Sunset colours such as oranges and yellows complement a blush pink, as does an earthy green, which is why so many people have upped their plant game in recent years. Teaming pale pink with a soft grey will create lovely, relaxed energy, with your pale pink sofa acting as a focal point.

If you’re interested in creating a Scandi-style interior, a blush pink sofa will sit beautifully alongside coppers, golds and creams and of course, white. Blush pink also works with stronger colours such as emerald greens and can give you a real retro vibe when paired with brown.


Bright Pink Sofa

If you’re not interested in the more muted tones of pink, there are plenty of design ideas out there for the brighter, bolder pinks – such as magenta and fuchsia.

If you’re taking on this level of colour, surprisingly, matching it with other bold colours, such as blues, emerald greens and citrines can create a room to remember. Alternatively, adding a dark pink sofa to a monochrome room will give it that pop of colour. If you’re looking at dark grey walls, a bright pink sofa will give your interiors that lift they need to stop the room from being too dark.

Ultimately, if you like the idea of bringing a pink sofa into your living space, there are a multitude of options, to suit every colour palette, style and budget. If you’re not 100% sure which shade works for you, it’s always worth taking a sample home to see how it sits alongside your furniture before making that final decision.

Happy shopping!