15th July 2019

What Is A Modular Sofa?

By Darlings Of Chelsea

In the last few years, the modular sofa has enjoyed a real rise in popularity and for good reason. Made of up of many moveable parts – otherwise known as sections or modules, a modular or sectional sofa offers owners the utmost in flexibility, while still offering the same level of comfort and style as a normal sofa. It allows people to create their own bespoke piece of furniture, in a myriad of colours and patterns, to suit both the shape and the style of their living space.

1.    How does a Modular Sofa work?

The beauty of a modular sofa is that it works however you need it to. If you have the space for a modular corner sofa, the different sections can provide you with a multitude of options and sizes, which are also available in numerous colours and textures. If you’re looking for a more unusual shape, such as a U-shape or an L-shape, again a modular sofa ticks all the boxes and can offer you the sofa of your choice in any size.

Haymarket extra deep sofa

It also can offer separate sections which you can use as a standalone piece of furniture, or perhaps as a footstool. If you’d like the opportunity to spread out and really relax, you can build in a left-side or right-side chaise, giving you room to sit back and enjoy. Equally, you can include the option of a recliner, providing you with the ultimate comfort!

Fabio corner sofa

Whereas in the past, a modular sofa may not have come in as many different colours and materials, the choices are now available for you to have the shape of sofa you want in the material that suits you best. Whether you’re after a contemporary modular sofa or you are going for more of a retro, mid-century look, the choices are there for you to choose from.

While the flexibility does give you the opportunity to have a large modular sofa, smaller sofas are also available – the size really is up to you.

3.    Designer Modular Sofas

The upsurge in the popularity of the modular sofas has led to an increase in the range available, with a fantastic selection of designer modular sofas now on the market, which can give your living room that real edge in terms of style and wow factor.

Franesca Large corner sofa

Leather modular sofas such as the Francesca, will provide any living room with a sleek, sophisticated feel, while the Morellia works perfectly in a fresh, contemporary space.

Morellia sofa

For those with plenty of space and a large social circle, the Haywood offers the best of both worlds – comfort and style with a left or right-hand chaise in a U-shape.

Haywood U shape sofa

Ultimately, a modular sofa is the ideal choice for many because it can be designed to fit in around you and your lifestyle, without compromising on aesthetics or quality. All you have to do is decide what works for you!