27th July 2016

The Colours You Should Be Using in Your Home

By Darlings Of Chelsea

When it comes to using colours in a space it can be tricky to know how to get that wow factor and perfect balance.
We have a foolproof way to get it right every time.

Use the rule of 60-30-10!

60% Dominant colour – The unifying theme colour, use this colour for your walls.

30% Secondary colour – The visual interest, use this on items such as upholstery.

10%  Accent colour – The Glitz, keep this colour for items such as flower arrangements and lampshades.

Sifton Model Homes
Photo by Sifton Properties – shop the look here

How to Pick Your Colours

Look at the largest pattern in the room, this could be a rug or painting etc. If you have a painting that is grey, blue and black then your 60% would be grey, 30% blue and 10% black.

Greystone Collection Colours
Photo by Robb & Stucky 

When arranging colours of different value (dark and light) take a cue from nature, the floors should be dark or heavy, the furniture should be medium value and the walls and ceiling should be light. Additionally choosing colours of high contrast such as blue and orange give a room a formal feel whereas colours of low contrast such as yellow and green can make a room feel soothing and relaxed.

Cedar Lake International Style
Photo by Peterssen/Keller Architecture 

To make sure your house flows, try using your accent or secondary colours in other items in other rooms, for example, if you have a dining chair in blue, use the same blue in a lampshade in an adjoining living room.

Urbo bespoke kitchen
Photo by Roundhouse