13th November 2020

Why Shallow Depth Sofas Are Perfect for Small Spaces

By Darlings Of Chelsea

When shopping for a sofa, there will be a lot of factors you’ll want to consider before making that final decision – style, colour and size all being of real importance.

And yes, size really does matter.

When it comes to choosing a sofa, space has a big part to play in your decision-making and will impact on the type of sofa you’re able to take home. If you have limited space, choosing a sofa that won’t overwhelm your interior is key.

While a deep-seated sofa may look incredibly inviting, it may be that little bit too big – a smaller sofa may be the right choice, and the good news is that you don’t need to compromise on style, there are plenty of shallow depth sofas to choose from.

Here is some inspiration and further information on why shallow depth sofas are perfect for small spaces.

Width versus Depth

The first thing to get to grips with is the sofa depth – a shallow-depth sofa doesn’t always mean you’ll end up with a thin sofa! The word shallow focuses on the depth of the sofa cushions as opposed to the width of shallow sofas. You’ll find that you don’t necessarily sink into them the same way you would a deep-seated sofa. Instead, you will sit a little more upright.

Given the depth of a shallow sofa cushion tends to be around 20 to 22 inches, it does follow that the sofa, in general, is a little smaller in size. So, if you are looking for slimline sofas for small rooms, a narrow-depth sofa is more likely to tick all the boxes.

A perfect example of a shallow seat depth sofa is the Epworth. Not only does it exude style as a shallow two-seater sofa, but it is also a shallow depth sofa bed, coming with a comfortable pocket sprung mattress.

It’s available in a range of colours and if you’re looking for a narrow leather sofa, it ticks that box as well and is available in a selection of leathers.

Versatile Sofa Types

If you need a sofa for a narrow room, the good news is there are still plenty of styles available. A sofa like the Brighton exudes elegance with its velvet fabric embodying style, and as a long narrow sofa, is ideal for smaller spaces.

Corner sofas tend to be larger but if you are trying to find a narrow corner sofa, some do exist. Sofas with a chaise tend to be smaller than a corner sofa but still provide that extra room. The Whinfell is a compact corner sofa, and if you’re looking for that perfect narrow leather sofa, the Whinfell is available in several different types of leather.

If you have a long room which isn’t particularly wide, there are options for a long narrow sofa, giving you the room you need without taking up too much depth. The Brighton is available in many different lengths, including large at 195cm and extra-large at 225cm while retaining a depth of 91cm.

Ultimately, when looking for that perfect sofa, space is key and if you don’t have room for a large sofa, a shallow depth sofa can provide you with a stylish, comfortable solution.

Whinfell Sofa in Habitat Slate

Whinfell Sofa in Habitat Slate

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