Charnwood Love Seat in Varsese Velvet Turquoise
11th November 2020

5 Ways to Style Your Snuggle Chair

By Darlings Of Chelsea

There are lots of different sofa styles and sizes, but none have grown more in popularity in recent years that than the snuggle chair.

Its very name oozes comfort and relaxation – making you think of a cold winter’s night, tucked up on your favourite chair, with the fire on and that film you’ve been dying to see. Whether you’re sat on your love seat with a loved one or sprawled out by yourself, this chair is made for downtime and for you to enjoy it however you see fit.

So if you have your heart set on a cuddle chair but are looking at how to incorporate it into your décor, here are five ways to style your snuggle chair.

Industrial Styling

Industrial décor is all about natural materials – exposed brick, bare wood floors and ageing metals and what better chair to fit into this industrial home décor than a leather cuddle chair? The earthy tones of a leather snuggle chair will work seamlessly within industrial interior design, complementing the natural tones around your room.

If you’re a fan of a more traditional look, a Chesterfield loveseat will give you the perfect snuggle chair to sit back, relax in and forget about the stresses of the day.


Contemporary styling focuses on simplicity, clean lines and the design doesn’t just emphasise your furniture but the space around it. The colours used in contemporary design interiors tend to be neutrals, with bold colours used as accents.

The use of lines is key in contemporary design – whether its horizontal lines or curved shapes, colour blocks or geometric shapes – choose whatever works for your room. Just remember that in contemporary design, less is more.

When looking at contemporary loveseats, again, simplicity is key. Smooth shapes and uncluttered designs will complement the aesthetic. A velvet loveseat with bold lines would provide that perfect combination of relaxation and style all rolled into one.


If you’re a fan of the sea, why not incorporate biophilic design into your living space, using colours reminiscent of the coastline to bring some coastal styling into your lounge. Think of a blue sky and sea, light-coloured sand and sunny days and you have a colour palette to work with.

When planning coastal design interiors, utilise different shades of blue alongside calm, fresh whites. Team with wooden flooring and wicker accessories and you’ll be on your way to creating a room reminiscent of your favourite beach hut.

To complete the look, choose a love seat which further emphasises the backdrop. A blue cuddle chair fits seamlessly into a coastal design. And with its recliner function, you can lie back and imagine you’re on the beach!


Similar to a contemporary style, Scandi design centres around simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It also incorporates natural materials, such as leather and wood, and can link to the natural environment.

When considering a Scandi style for your snuggle chair, think about the shape, and consider a neutral palette. A Scandi room is bright – light coloured walls and floors, warm textiles such as rugs and throws, and clean lines, such as geometric prints. A loveseat with a sleek, considered shape and deep sumptuous cushions offer the perfect blend of functionality, style and comfort.

Parisian Style

If you’ve ever wandered the streets of Paris, you’ll understand why French design is coveted worldwide. Effortlessly elegant, if you’re after recreating Parisian chic in your interiors, you’ll need to consider adding real character to your space, mixing vintage with contemporary and perhaps a bold colour palette, and making sure your space works for you and your lifestyle.

Charnwood Love Seat in Varsese Velvet Turquoise

Charnwood Love Seat in Varsese Velvet Turquoise

And the same would apply for your snuggle chair. With its classic detailing and angular lines, the Charnwood loveseat offers sophistication and comfort in equal measures, providing you with the perfect sofa for an elegant space. And once you’ve chosen your snuggle chair, you can plan the details that will complete the look.